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Author: aperson

Bicycles in Charlotte: How to Stay Safe and What to do if You’re Hurt

Jan 30, 2019 by , Bicycle Accidents

What to do if You Are Hurt in a Bicycle Accident in Charlotte

Approximately 60 people a day move to the Queen City.  New residential and commercial developments cause road congestion prompting many residents to use bicycles around town. Now, more than ever, both cyclists and drivers should be aware of their surroundings and share the road. Here, we discuss important safety tips and advise bicyclists what to do when injured in a bicycle accident in Charlotte. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (“NHTSA”) reports that 840 bicyclists were killed in traffic crashes in 2016.  Important safety tips can prevent a bicycle accident […]

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Should You Settle Your Workers’ Compensation Case?

Jan 15, 2019 by , Workers' Compensation

Should I Accept a Settlement Offer For My Workers Compensation Case

Settling a workers’ compensation claim is complicated. Not only do you want to recover from your injuries, but you want fair compensation. Even more difficult, your employer’s insurance company may extend a complex settlement offer.  You need to be fully informed before considering a settlement offer.   The experienced workers’ compensation attorneys at Brown, Moore & Associates will help you make the best decisions for you and your family. You and your attorney need a general understanding of common settlement agreements.  Many cases resolve with a “clincher” agreement. This is a […]

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