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Auto Accident In North Carolina Takes 2 Lives

Dec 17, 2013 Brown Moore Car Accidents

A fatal car crash is a far-too-common tragedy in modern life. In the blink of an eye, a life can be taken away, leaving loved ones behind in unimaginable pain. An auto accident can have many causes, including the negligence of another person. One woman is mourning the loss of her son and daughter-in-law after a collision in North Carolina. She claims that a man who was driving the vehicle they were riding in is to blame for the accident that took their lives.

The two people were passengers in a town car chauffeured by the man accused of causing the crash. He had lost control of the vehicle and it ran into a tree. Police have confirmed that the driver was driving under the influence of a substance, though they have not said exactly what that substance was. The driver is facing criminal charges for the deaths of both victims and for operating a vehicle under the influence.

Making this event even more horrific, the young woman who died was pregnant with the couple’s first child. Also, they were visiting friends in North Carolina for a wedding at the time of the incident. What should have been a happy occasion for everyone changed in an instant. The mother of the male victim has said that she is prepared to make a statement in regard to victim impact if it is warranted.

The young man’s mother is finding solace in the charges that the driver will be facing, but she or other surviving family members may also wish to file a claim against this North Carolina driver who is accused of causing the auto accident. If such a claim were successful, she may be entitled to financial restitution that could help cover unpaid medical bills, funeral expenses, or any other related costs that she may have incurred. No amount of money will bring her son and daughter-in-law back, but perhaps it could assist her in the healing process.

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