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Category: Personal Injury

In 2011 a former North Carolina lawmaker was involved in an accident. At first, it appeared that the former lawmaker was the one at fault for the accident. Since that time, a more thorough investigation into the crash has revealed that the other driver, who was killed in the crash, was actually the responsible party….Read More

Bus accidents continue to result in serious injuries and fatalities throughout the U.S. This is why the Department of Transportation recently announced that they would be cracking down on dangerous commercial bus companies to try and reduce these tragic accidents from happening in the future. The DOT said that within the next two months, they…Read More

In workers’ compensation law, medical malpractice law, motor vehicle accidents, and personal injury law, frequent developments in legislation and new court decisions may impact our clients’ cases. This is why our law firm works to stay up to date and on the cutting edge in all areas of plaintiff advocacy. Since our law firm’s founding,…Read More