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Category: Workers’ Compensation

The National Council for Occupational Safety and Health (COSH) is reporting that the number of North Carolina workers that died on-the-job last year may be much higher than reported by the Department of Labor for our state. The Department of Labor reported that there were approximately 35 deaths in 2012 attributed to workplace injuries. COSH…Read More

There are many occupations that present hazards for workers. But when someone is injured on the job, many of these workers find themselves in for a major surprise when trying to obtain North Carolina workers’ compensation benefits. There are very specific rules in place that require employers to have workers’ compensation insurance. In North Carolina,…Read More

With the economy struggling to rebound, every paycheck matters. Workers are reluctant to miss any time from work because time away means less money. With workers pushed to do more because of smaller workforces, employees may pressure by their employers to be present, even when not well. When an employee is injured on the job,…Read More

Workplace deaths in North Carolina rose in 2011. Preliminary data released by the N.C. Department of Labor suggests 53 people died in work-related accidents this past year, which is up from 50 in 2010. Nevertheless, the 2011 figure is in line with the average (53.2) over the last five years, according to the report. Once…Read More