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The Advocates for Auto and Highway Safety examined car accident fatalities on roads around the country and found that rural roads are more dangerous than urban roads. In North Carolina, only 30 percent of roadways are classified as interstates, making the vast majority of roads in this state rural. A spokesman from AAA of the…Read More

“It’s an epidemic,” notes Ray LaHood. The Secretary for the Department of Transportation (DOT) is not talking about the latest bout of influenza, but rather one of the hottest topics in the media when it comes to motorist safety: distracted driving. In the last few years, over 30 states have enacted legislation relating to handheld…Read More

More pedestrians were killed by cars in 2010 than in previous years, according to a newly released report by the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA). After four years of declining pedestrian fatalities, 2010 saw an increase in injuries to pedestrians hit by cars. While only a slight rise in pedestrian fatalities during the first six…Read More

A recently released study of North Carolina hospitals revealed that no significant improvements in patient safety have taken place from 2002 to 2007. Conducted by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement in conjunction with Stanford University School of Medicine and Harvard Medical School, the study reviewed over 2,300 randomly selected medical charts from hospital admissions between…Read More

Long lines, big crowds, deeply discounted merchandise, stores opening at 4 am all parts of the annual retailing rite known as Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. While many anxiously wait for the doors to open, anticipating amazing deals, few shoppers anticipate being injured or killed in a stampede. Shopping injuries, typically from shoving or…Read More