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Personal Injury, Workplace Injury, Medical Negligence Lawsuits in North Carolina

If you are injured due to the negligent or reckless actions of another person, you may be entitled to financial compensation for your injuries and lost wages. If you were injured on the job, you may be entitled to compensation through your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance — without having to prove that your employer was at fault.

Each of our fifty states has a unique set of laws involving individual and corporate insurance coverage. The attorneys of Brown Moore & Associates, PLLC, are intimately familiar with the unique laws applicable to North Carolina and South Carolina personal injury lawsuits and will carefully examine your specific circumstances to seek compensation from every insurance company and responsible party.

Decades of Experience With Personal Injury Cases

At the personal injury law firm of Brown Moore & Associates, PLLC, in Charlotte, our attorneys have extensive experience winning full and exceptional compensation for our clients after accidents resulting in serious injury or death. Contact our office for a free and confidential initial consultation.

Legal Representation After Injury Accidents and Medical Malpractice

Our goal as personal injury lawyers is to use our reputation and strength in negotiation or aggressive representation in litigation to win just compensation for our clients who have been injured in accidents or as a result of medical negligence. Our medical malpractice attorneys have recovered millions for our clients in a wide range of cases:

How Much Does A North Carolina Personal Injury Attorney Cost?

The good news is that affording a personal injury attorney in North Carolina is usually much more reasonable than most people realize. At Brown Moore & Associates, PLLC, our attorneys take personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis. This means that our clients will not have to pay any upfront or out-of-pocket costs related to their case. In fact, our clients will pay no attorney fees until after we obtain the compensation they are entitled to. This type of fee arrangement is something that we think is fair. It allows injury victims to stand up to at-fault parties, regardless of their wealth or current economic situation.

Is There A Time Limit For Filing Personal Injury Claims In North Carolina?

Personal injury victims do need to be aware that there is a limited amount of time for them to file a lawsuit against alleged negligent parties. In North Carolina, the personal injury statute of limitations is three years from the date the injury occurred. When a loved one has been killed due to the negligence of another, this is known as a Wrongful Death claim, and the statute of limitations for this type of claim is two years from the date of death. This means that injury victims have either a two-year window or three-year window within which to file a lawsuit against the person or company who caused the harm, depending upon whether the injuries were fatal. Failing to file a lawsuit within the applicable time frame will result in the victim or victim’s family is unable to recover the compensation they deserve.

There are various exceptions to the three-year personal injury time limit written into the law, particularly if the injury victim was under the age of 18 when the incident occurred or if the victim has been deemed to be mentally incompetent. In these cases, the statute of limitations will typically not begin counting down until the victim reaches the age of majority or the incapacitation is no longer a factor.

What Type Of Compensation Is Available For These Cases?

At Brown Moore & Associates, PLLC, our personal injury attorneys in Charlotte and throughout North Carolina have a track record of success recovering compensation for clients. This includes both economic and non-economic types of compensation. In general, some of the most common types of conversation we help injury victims recover includes the following:

  • Reimbursement of medical expenses
  • Coverage of any necessary medical devices or medications
  • Lost income if a victim cannot work, both past lost income and future loss of earning capacity
  • Property damage expenses
  • Home or vehicle modifications to help with mobility
  • Pain and suffering damages
  • Scarring or disfigurement damages
  • Loss of quality of life damages

The total amount of compensation paid out in these cases will vary depending on the facts and circumstances surrounding each particular situation. We urge every Charlotte personal injury victim to work with a skilled attorney who can help properly calculate their total expected losses and negotiate with insurance carriers or at-fault parties.

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If you have additional questions after reviewing the information on our website, we invite you to contact our office to schedule an initial consultation. To make an appointment with a Charlotte accident injury lawyer, call us at 704-335-1500 or send us an e-mail.

Our Experienced Attorneys Work With You Throughout Your Case

At Brown Moore & Associates, PLLC, you will work directly with an attorney throughout the duration of your personal injury lawsuit. You will meet with a lawyer for your initial consultation, and you will continue to work directly with one of our attorneys for the length of the representation.

Our approach is in direct contrast to the approach taken by some other North Carolina personal injury law firms, where clients interact primarily with paralegals or case managers. At Brown Moore & Associates, PLLC, we depend on a strong collaborative effort among our attorneys, our clients, and our staff. We firmly believe that a team approach, including your active involvement, enhances our ability to successfully pursue your personal injury case.

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