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Medical Malpractice

Jon Moore: I hear questions from a lot of folks about whether or not they have a medical negligence claim and that’s sometimes a tough one to answer. There is a lot of medical negligence that can happen but unfortunately the laws as they are in North Carolina prevent us from pursuing a medical negligence claim unless there are really substantial damages that our clients have suffered as a result.

Attorney: The great thing about our firm is that we actually have a nurse on staff and all of our potential Med Mal clients get the opportunity to speak to that nurse before anyone else and she obviously has far more experience than, you know, the attorneys do in the medical field. So she is able to kind of break it down and sees whether or not from you know, the ground level whether or not there was a medical error that constitutes medical malpractice.

Kent Brown: One of the reasons people come to Brown Moore is our track record. You can look at our website check our history, our record-setting verdict go back into the 80s. 1985 we got the largest medical malpractice verdict up to that date, 2015 largest medical malpractice for it during that year.

Attorney: The right information is crucial and a lot of times even if you have the right information it doesn’t mean the battle is over. Medical malpractice cases are very difficult, there are a lot of moving pieces in there, a lot of you know, we need to speak to doctors, we need to review all the medical records, and depending upon the type of injury they can be incredibly voluminous. So it’s important for us to be on our game to make sure that we review everything make sure that we speak to the right people, and you know, make sure that even if we got the best facts that we keep plowing forward, keep pushing on.

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