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Monthly Archives: April 2014

Man arrested on DUI charge following fatal auto accident

Apr 24, 2014 by , Car Accidents

Alcohol can be a deadly drug, as it can quickly impair a person’s judgment and slow down his or her reaction time. It also can affect one’s coordination and concentration ability. If a family member ends up being killed in an auto accident caused by another person’s decision to drive while intoxicated, it can be natural to feel grieved and angry. Monetary compensation can’t bring the dead person back to life, but it certainly can help the surviving family members to experience a sense of justice in what may seem […]

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Workers’ compensation can help employee following plant accident

Many dangers can threaten a person’s health and safety in the state of North Carolina. An employee may fall or have a large object fall on top of him or her. In other instances, people may be injured due to repetitive motion, such as the motion required to lift several boxes a day. In one recent out-of-state case, a man was injured at a plant — the type of situation in which a worker may opt to claim workers’ compensation insurance benefits. The accident took place at a steel and […]

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Head-on auto accident leads to injury, death in North Carolina

Apr 11, 2014 by , Car Accidents

A head-on collision results in a grave outcome all too often. The strong force of the impact associated with this type of crash can have fatal consequences. If one person was going the wrong way when the crash happened, he or she might be held responsible for the critical injuries and/or fatalities that result from an ensuing auto accident in North Carolina. Two people recently were affected by a wrong way collision on Interstate 40 in Greensboro. The accident happened on Interstate 40 when a chase resulted in a wrong-way […]

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Auto accident causes 2 deaths in North Carolina

Apr 2, 2014 by , Car Accidents

A driver may easily cross the middle line after taking a curve in the road too quickly or simply driving while distracted. It can be a minor mistake that is easy to correct if no one else is sharing the road. However, it can turn into a major disaster if the driver ends up colliding with oncoming traffic. This type of auto accident recently occurred in North Carolina and ended up claiming two lives. An accident took place on Interstate 95. The crash occurred during the early morning hours in […]

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