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Charlotte Back Injury Attorney

Back injuries are common for workers performing manual labor, and they are surprisingly common for other workers as well. In some cases, workers with back injuries can get good medical treatment and obtain all of their needed compensation without legal help. In other cases, however, the process is much more difficult. Many injured workers receive doctors’ reports that indicate the injuries are far less severe than they really are, state they are from a pre-existing condition, or return the employee to his or her job prematurely.

Although the North Carolina workers’ compensation system ordinarily requires that an injured worker suffer an accident or deviation from the normal work routine before a workers’ compensation claim may be accepted, back injuries are treated differently. In order to support a finding of compensability for back injuries, the employee need only have suffered a specific traumatic incident. So, while an injury to an arm occurring during the normal course of work duties may not be covered by workers’ compensation, compensation may be allowed for an injury to the back during the same work duties.

At the North Carolina law firm of Brown Moore & Associates, PLLC, we are dedicated to helping injured workers obtain the compensation they need after suffering work-related injuries. Our Charlotte lawyers understand how complicated the workers’ compensation process is for most people, and especially for those who suffer a back injury on the job. We also know how important the ability to obtain compensation can be for our clients who are unable to work. This might provide the only way for you and your family to survive financially.

We represent clients in North Carolina who have suffered work-related back injuries that involve:

Contingency Fees ∙ No Attorney Fees Until We Collect for You

We take each workers’ compensation case on a contingency fee basis. This means that you will not be asked to pay attorney fees until we win or settle your case, and the attorney fees in workers’ compensation cases are limited by law.

Every back injury workers’ compensation case is different, and often the awards come back to our clients at different times and from different sources; it can be difficult to gauge the exact amount a given client might receive. But through the course of representation, we have seen clients receive total payouts ranging from five-figure to seven-figure recoveries, including medical care compensation, disability benefits, and third-party liability claims.

Charlotte Work-Related Back Injury Attorneys

Even if your company’s doctor has already given you an unfavorable report, you have the right to talk to an attorney about your workers’ compensation rights and options. Let us help you get a second opinion. Our Charlotte back injury lawyers are ready to talk with you about how we might be able to help you obtain the compensation you truly need. Either call toll-free 800-948-0577 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation with a lawyer from our firm.

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