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Charlotte Blood Thinner Malpractice Attorney

So many people in the United States depend on blood thinner medications for survival. Across all age ranges, blood pressure problems are something that can be managed with proper medical care and medications. However, what happens when these powerful medications are not properly used or prescribed by healthcare professionals?

At Brown, Moore & Associates, PLLC, we are here when you need a Charlotte blood thinner malpractice attorney. Our qualified team will work to investigate your case and secure the compensation you deserve.

What Can Happen Here?

There are around 2 to 3 million people in the US on blood thinners. Have you ever heard of or taken some of these popular name brands?

  • Xarelto
  • Pradaxa
  • Coumadin
  • Heparin
  • Eliquis
  • Warfarin

These are just a few of the popular names of blood thinner medications that help so many people each day. For Americans who have had a heart attack or stroke, or are at significant risk of having one, blood thinners can mean the difference between living a healthy life or dying. These medications are also used to treat those at risk of DVT, pulmonary embolisms, and more.

These medications can also be deadly if used incorrectly. If a patient is on these medications, even small injuries can become major.

Why is that the case?

Blood thinner medications work to prevent blood from clotting, but that is exactly what our blood needs to do if we are hurt. When taking blood thinners, things like falls, car accidents, and work injuries can become life-threatening.

If a person on blood thinners experiences a head injury, they could experience brain damage as a result of their inability to stop bleeding inside their skull.

How could a healthcare professional be to blame?

  • If a doctor prescribes blood thinners to patients who are low-risk of an underlying health cause, they could experience complications such as atrial fibrillation.
  • The wrong dosage of these medications could be prescribed by a doctor. These medications tend to have a low margin of error, meaning that doctors need to be vigilant when monitoring patients who have them prescribed.
  • If a doctor does not examine and take into account a patient’s full medical history, then they could potentially prescribe (or not prescribe) the correct medication or dosage.
  • We also know that medication mistakes are one of the leading causes of death when it comes to healthcare professional errors.

What You Can Do Now

The very same medications that are used to keep you alive can cause serious injuries and even death if a healthcare professional use them improperly. At Brown, Moore & Associates, PLLC, we will be by your side when you need help.

Our dedicated team will investigate your case and work to secure compensation for all of your injury-related expenses. This can include:

  • Coverage of all medical expenses related to the mistake, including future medical expenses
  • Recovery of lost income if you cannot work
  • Pain and suffering/loss of enjoyment of life damages
  • Punitive damages against the responsible parties (doctor, hospital, etc.)

When you need a medical malpractice lawyer in Charlotte, NC, you can contact us for a free consultation by clicking here or calling us at 800-948-0577.

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