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Charlotte Shoulder and Knee Injuries Attorneys

When your job is physically demanding, shoulder, knee and joint injuries are a very real possibility. A dislocated shoulder, a rotator cuff injury, bursitis, a broken collar bone, a meniscus or ACL tear, and strains and sprains are some of the many common injuries experienced by construction workers, factory workers, and others who do physical labor.

While people in labor-intensive professions are the most at risk, anyone can hurt themselves in a trip, slip, fall, or other accident and damage the shoulders, knees, and joints of the body. Injuries of this nature can be painful, affect mobility, and impact your ongoing ability to work. An attorney can provide guidance to those who experience injuries and need assistance getting benefits so they can heal and provide for themselves and their families.

About Shoulder, Knee, and Joint Injuries in the Workplace

Shoulder, knee and joint injuries in the workplace can occur as a result of repetitive stress on the body. As you do the same physical tasks over and over, the cartilage around your joints can degenerate and become worn and you may begin to experience chronic inflammation and pain. The soft tissues, including muscles, ligaments, and tendons in the shoulders and knees, can also become damaged through overuse.

Shoulder, knee and joint injuries can also result from:

  • Overexertion
  • Unusual twisting
  • Accidents like a fall

Broken bones, strains, sprains, dislocations, and a wide variety of other damage can happen in any work environment where a worker trips, is struck by objects or otherwise experiences a blow to the body. When an acute accident happens on-the-job and the shoulders, knees, or joints are affected, the injury should be reported right away so it can be clearly and easily proved the injury is work-related.

If the injury happens over time and results from repetitive stress or repeated overexertion, demonstrating the connection to work duties can be a challenge. Still, these types of injuries could be covered as long if you can show job tasks wore the body down. Even workers with pre-existing conditions or existing injuries should be covered if their condition was exacerbated by a workplace incident, but those who need to show their injuries happened over time may need more legal help to make a persuasive case.

Benefits and Compensation for Shoulder, Knee, and Joint Injuries

Workers’ compensation benefits provide medical coverage and disability income for those who suffer work-related shoulder, knee, and joint injuries. Whether the injury happened because of an accident or occurred due to damage to the body over time, workers’ comp should pay. No negligence is required to make a successful workers’ comp claim, but no pain and suffering damages are available when you recover benefits from a workers’ compensation insurer.

Employers cannot be sued for damages after a shoulder, knee, or joint injury but sometimes third parties who cause or contribute to damages may be held accountable in a civil suit. Determining if an accident was caused by a non-employee can be a challenge, but an experienced attorney can assist you in identifying anyone at fault for an accident that affected your shoulders, knees, or joints.

Contact a Charlotte Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Learn more about your options if your joints, shoulder, or knee were damaged at work or if you otherwise suffered an injury to these body parts and need help getting benefits. Call Brown Moore & Associates, PLLC at 800-948-0577 or contact us online to speak with a member of our workers’ compensation legal team who can begin helping you immediately.

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