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Charlotte Foreign Objects Surgery Error Attorney

The general public is often astonished to learn about the frequency with which surgical errors occur. One source has stated that nationwide, 140,000 sponges and other foreign objects are left in patients’ bodies annually. Each of these sponges left in a patient’s body is likely to result in complications, including the following:

  • Pain
  • Possible infection
  • Possible further medical complications
  • Need for additional surgery to remove the sponge

You may have suffered the humiliation and frustration of being told that your pain following surgery must be psychological. If you have a fever, puffiness around the surgical wound, or other hints that something went wrong with your surgery, you should insist on being checked out by X-ray if you suspect that a foreign object may have been left in your body during an operation. Perhaps a foreign object’s presence in your body after surgery in North Carolina or South Carolina has already been verified. Talk to an experienced and accomplished medical malpractice attorney in charlotte, NC to learn how to make a successful claim for compensation. You may be entitled to compensation including the following when a sponge, cotton ball, knife, clamp, pin, or other foreign object is left in your body during surgery:

  • Medical expenses paid
  • Related expenses paid
  • Future medical expenses expected
  • Lost wage replacement
  • Compensation for pain and suffering

Beware of the hospital offers to “write it off your bill” when a foreign object is left in your body after surgery and follow-up surgery becomes necessary to remove it. As experienced plaintiffs attorneys, we urge you to talk over the “foreign object left in a body” case with an experienced lawyer before you sign a release or agreement.

A free initial consultation with one of our Charlotte medical negligence lawyers is, at the very least, good insurance for your peace of mind after the disturbing experience of having a sponge or clamp left in your body during an operation.

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Brown Moore & Associates, PLLC, is an established medical malpractice law firm offering free initial consultations to patients suffering because of “foreign object left in body” surgical errors in North Carolina and South Carolina. We have helped many people obtain compensation for medical mistakes.

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