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If you’ve been injured in an accident in North Carolina, you may be facing hefty medical bills as a result. These bills can be stressful and overwhelming, especially if you are unable to work and are losing income as a result of the accident. If you are seeking a personal injury settlement to cover your…Read More

Errors during the design phase of a product can have serious consequences, including the risk of the product being unreasonably dangerous to use. When a product is deemed unreasonably dangerous, it means that it poses a risk of harm to the user that is greater than would be expected given its intended use. In other…Read More

Elevators and escalators are an integral part of modern life, providing convenient and efficient transportation for people in buildings and public spaces. However, like any mechanical system, there is always the risk of accidents occurring. In this overview, we’ll take a look at how common elevator and escalator accidents are in the United States, and…Read More

Boating is a popular recreational activity in North Carolina, with the state’s many lakes and waterways providing ample opportunities for boaters to enjoy the great outdoors. However, like any activity that involves vehicles, there is always the risk of accidents occurring. In this blog, we’ll take a look at how common boating accidents are in…Read More

While modern surgical techniques and equipment have greatly improved the safety and effectiveness of surgery, complications can still occur. One potential complication is the accidental retention of a foreign object in the body after surgery. This can lead to a variety of complications for the victim, including pain, infection, and further surgery. What are some…Read More