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Sunshine and Safety: Common Summertime Personal Injuries in Charlotte, North Carolina

Jun 13, 2023 Brown Moore Uncategorized

Summer in Charlotte, North Carolina, is a time for outdoor activities, family cookouts, and trips to the beach. However, along with the rise in temperature and outdoor activities, there’s an unfortunate increase in certain types of personal injuries. Understanding these common injuries can help residents and visitors enjoy a safe and delightful summer.

Motor Vehicle Accidents: A Summer Spike

Charlotte, like many cities, sees an uptick in motor vehicle accidents during the summer months. Factors like increased vacation travel, more motorcycles on the road, and more teen drivers — who are out of school and behind the wheel — contribute to this rise. Being extra vigilant while driving, avoiding distractions, and practicing defensive driving can mitigate the risk of accidents.

Water-Related Accidents: A Dark Cloud in Sunny Skies

With summer heat driving people to pools, lakes, and water parks for relief, water-related accidents become more common. These include swimming injuries, slip and falls near pool areas, and, tragically, drownings. While these incidents can occur anywhere water is involved, they are especially prevalent in public or residential swimming areas. Adequate supervision, clear safety protocols, and ensuring all participants can swim proficiently can significantly decrease the risk of such injuries.

Outdoor Activity Injuries: The Cost of Adventure

Summertime encourages outdoor fun and adventure, but these activities, such as hiking, biking, and playing sports, can also lead to injuries. Common injuries include sprains, fractures, and concussions. While completely preventing such injuries may be impossible, taking precautions such as wearing appropriate protective gear, staying on marked trails while hiking, and understanding one’s physical limits can help keep fun from turning into misfortune.

Barbecue and Firework Injuries: Festive Hazards

Who doesn’t love a good summer barbecue or a firework show? However, these summer staples also come with their risk of injuries. Burns from grills and fireworks are quite common during the season. Ensuring that these items are used responsibly and following safety guidelines can help ensure that your summer celebrations don’t end in disaster.

Safety is the Best Summer Accessory

While summer in Charlotte offers ample opportunities for relaxation and recreation, the associated rise in certain personal injuries should not be overlooked. Awareness about these common injuries and preventative measures can ensure that the summer remains a time of joy and celebration. After all, safety is indeed the best accessory for your summer adventures.

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