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Category: Medical Malpractice

Health Bill Proposes Limits to Medical Malpractice Awards; Implications for Victims of Medical Negligence in North Carolina

Charlotte NC Medical Malpractice Attorney

It is difficult to put a dollar amount on non-economic damages associated with medical negligence. How do you measure the suffering associated with permanent scarring, or losing a loved one? Noneconomic damages are intended to make the victim whole again, in addition to whatever medical costs they experienced due to the negligence (monetary damages). In some cases, punitive damages are also assigned in order to punish any particularly egregious behavior.   H.R. 125 However, if a new bill that is currently before the House of Representatives passes both the House […]

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Medical Malpractice Verdict in Cabarrus County

Feb 13, 2017 by , Firm News

Charlotte NC medical malpractice lawyer

On November 15, 2016 a jury of 12 citizens of Cabarrus County returned a verdict of $6.13 million in favor of the Estate of a Cabarrus County resident who suffered a fatal heart attack hours after being discharged from Carolinas Medical Center-Northeast. Fifty-three year-old Anthony Savino presented to the emergency department via ambulance for complaints of chest pain and numbness in his arms. Mr. Savino was subsequently discharged from the emergency department after initial testing, and suffered a fatal heart attack five hours later at his home. The presentation of […]

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Can a One-Page Checklist Ensure the Safety of Surgical Patients?

Since patient conditions differ in so many ways, surgical teams must make any number of on-the-spot decisions to help create the best possible outcome and save lives. Expecting a perfect outcome under these circumstances is not realistic. Still, across the U.S., a continuing high rate of preventable surgical errors occur each year. All too often, surgical patients call our Charlotte medical malpractice lawyers after succumbing to fully-preventable surgical errors. We believe that any type of checklist that helps prevent obvious errors is beneficial to patients and their medical providers. However, […]

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Senate Report: Ineffective Medical Device Monitoring Puts Patients at Risk

Last January, the U.S. Senate issued a Minority Staff Report that contained key findings about known links between duodenoscopes (essential diagnostic devices) and increasing cases of Carbapenem-Resistant Enterobacteriacea (CRE). However, our Charlotte medical malpractice lawyers point out that there may be plenty of blame to go around. If any number of related parties had spoken up in a timely manner, fewer patients might have fallen victim to this serious problem. Faulty Devices Were Only The First Part of a Superbug Outbreak Closed-channel duodenoscopes perform an important diagnostic function. They are […]

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Study: Medication Errors Occur Before, During and After Surgery

Patients can practice any number of safety measures when doctors prescribe medication. When they head into the operating room, they must rely on medical staff to take control of their medication needs. Since medication needs can change in an instant immediately before, during and after surgery (known as the perioperative process), this critical time has a notably increased risk of medication errors. Our Charlotte medical malpractice lawyers explain that patients can still take certain steps to help protect their safety during these times. National Patient Safety Leader Finds Significant Medication […]

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