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Multi-State Opioid Settlement Will Pay Out Nearly $20 Million to North Carolina

Mar 15, 2021 Brown Moore Medical Malpractice

If opioid abuse costs you, someone you love in North Carolina, you are not alone. Since 1999, opioids have been prescribed at higher and higher doses. Thousands of North Carolinians have lost their lives to overdoses. Devastated families have spoken out, and finally, a settlement has been reached.
A nationwide settlement of $573 million was reached with consulting firm McKinsey & Co. Attorney General Josh Stein stated, “We are holding accountable the corporations that created and profited from the opioid epidemic.”
Losing a loved one to a drug overdose is devastating. Knowing it could have been prevented and that a company profited is angering. The dedicated attorneys at Brown, Moore, & Associates PLLC are here for you. When you need a wrongful death attorney in Charlotte, North Carolina, you need Brown, Moore, & Associates PLLC.

North Carolina’s Opioid Epidemic

The opioid epidemic in our state has touched nearly every life. We know someone who has struggled with addiction or maybe has struggled ourselves. We’ve seen overdose death rates skyrocketing. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, in the last reporting year,

  • 67,367 drug overdose fatalities were reported
  • 79% of overdose deaths involved opioids
  • Opioid deaths from synthetic (fentanyl and fentanyl analogs) opioids rather than methadone have increased steadily at a rate of 9.9.
  • The national average of opioid prescriptions is a rate of 51.4 per 100 persons
  • In North Carolina, the rate is 61.5 opioid prescriptions for every 100 persons

It is clear that opioids were prescribed carelessly. Now, what will North Carolina do with the settlement?

Attorney General Stein Has Plans

The settlement stipulates that it should be spent on opioid abatement. Attorney General Stein has made a few statements available on his government site:

  • The money will be spent to aid the epidemic, including
    • Modifications to the legal system
    • Aid to treatment centers around the state
    • Local paramedics

Stein goes on to address that the problem isn’t limited to cities, but that many rural parts of North Carolina have been deeply affected. Stein’s goal is to make sure the money is spent evenly to help everyone affected.
If you or someone you love has been overprescribed medication, consult a knowledgeable attorney at Brown, Moore, & Associates PLLC. The settlement has put a spotlight on the abuses of big pharmaceutical companies. When doctors are encouraged to prescribe medication that is knowingly addictive, who’s responsible? If a doctor carelessly prescribes too much of an addictive medication, is it malpractice? Consult the highly sought attorneys at Brown, Moore, & Associates PLLC to secure the compensation your family deserves.

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