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Charlotte Rollover Accident Attorney

Although passenger cars are not as likely to flip or roll over as trucks, there are still thousands of rollover car accidents per year.

When a car rolls over, it usually results in catastrophic injuries and can potentially become a fatal car crash. Typically, people who are inside the vehicle that rolled over suffer the worst injuries.

But how to determine fault in rollover car crashes? While driver error is the primary cause of most such accidents, some are caused by defects in the vehicle. When a rollover crash results from a vehicle defect, the manufacturer of the vehicle may be held liable for injuries suffered by the driver and passengers who were inside the automobile.

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Common Injuries in Rollover Car Accidents

Motor vehicle crashes in which one of the vehicles rolls over are typically associated with the following types of injuries:

Following a rollover crash in Charlotte, your medical expenses can begin to pile up. You will also most likely have to miss work and lose income, which can make it problematic or impossible to pay your medical bills. Our lawyer can help you get compensated for your losses and damages and make sure that you bring your normal life back as soon as possible.

Types of Rollover Car Crashes

Generally, rollover accidents can be broken down into four types:

  • Turns: A vehicle moving at a high rate of speed can lose traction and rollover when it turns sharply.
  • Ramps: When one side of a car hits a ramp on an incline, there is a tremendous risk of a rollover accident.
  • Skids: When a vehicle begins to skid, especially in adverse weather conditions, it can spin out and rollover.
  • Spins: A vehicle can roll over after its wheels hit a fixed object.

Under federal law, motor vehicles are required to have a roof that meets safety standards to prevent crushed roofs in accidents. A “crushed roof” is a common occurrence in rollover crashes that contributes to more than 600 deaths on our roads annually.

Causes of Rollover Car Accidents in Charlotte

While many rollover accidents are caused by driver error, some crashes are the result of vehicle defects and faulty equipment. In other car crashes, poor road conditions are to blame for causing a vehicle to roll over.

Yes, there can be multiple factors contributing to rollover crashes. These factors include:

  • High center of gravity: Many vehicles on our roads have this design flaw, which makes a car less stable and more likely to roll over.
  • Defective tires or tire failure: When a tire goes flat suddenly, the driver might lose control and rollover.
  • Defective suspension: When a vehicle’s suspension system, which is supposed to keep your vehicle stable, suffers a malfunction, the car can spin out of control.
  • Poor road conditions or roadway defects: When a public entity (e.g., the city of Charlotte) fails to maintain the roadway in a safe condition, such conditions as potholes, uneven or cracked pavement, road debris, and many others increase the likelihood of a rollover crash.

Such elements of your safety as the seatbelt and windshield can aggravate your personal injury if they are defective and failed to protect you from a serious injury. Speak to our Charlotte rollover car accident attorney at Brown Moore & Associates, PLLC, to determine what caused your crashes and establish fault in your case.

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