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Category: Personal Injury

North Carolina Personal Injury: Brain Injuries and Post-Concussive Disorder

Mar 25, 2018 by , Personal Injury

post-concussive disorder lawyer Charlotte NC

If you have been in an collision in Charlotte or elsewhere in North Carolina that involved a brain injury, you are entitled to sue for full compensation for your injuries. Medical science has advanced rapidly in recent years, and we now know even mild to moderate brain injuries—such as a concussion—can be debilitating in 10-15 percent of the cases and can cause post-concussive disorder syndrome and other long-term medical conditions. If you have suffered a blow to the skull or a head injury, call the  Charlotte personal injury lawyers at […]

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How Much is My Second-Degree Burn Settlement Worth in Charlotte, North Carolina?

Mar 7, 2018 by , Personal Injury

Burn Settlement Lawyer in Charlotte, North Carolina

Understanding the value of a second-degree burn case can allow you to recover fair compensation for your injuries. When you have been the victim of an accident in Charlotte, North Carolina that leads to second-degree burns, you have a right to seek a burn settlement or file a lawsuit to recover the full value of your injuries. The amount of your potential recovery depends on the extent of your injuries and the overall impact they have on your life and well-being. Under the law, you have a right to seek […]

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Suing For Personal Injuries Caused by a Bar Fight in Charlotte

Feb 28, 2018 by , Personal Injury

personal injuries bar fight Charlotte NC

If you have been injured in a bar fight— or maybe injured by the “bouncer” who got abusive— suing for personal injuries is an option depending on the circumstances. Bar fights can be violent and deadly. See here. And here. To start, however, you need to have been injured through no fault of your own. As we have criticized on several occasions, North Carolina still applies the doctrine of strict contributory negligence. If the jury concludes you are even one percent at fault for your injuries caused in the bar […]

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Charlotte: How Does a Preexisting Injury Impact My Personal Injury Claim?

Feb 6, 2018 by , Personal Injury

preexisting injury attorney Charlotte NC

If you have been injured in a car wreck on the public roads and Interstate Highways in and around Charlotte or have suffered a slip and fall or some other injury caused by the wrongful act of another, you are entitled to seek compensation for your injuries. However, sometimes victims of the negligence of others have a preexisting condition. When this is the case, they may think: “What if I have a preexisting injury? How will that impact my personal injury claim?” Indeed, the experienced and skilled Charlotte personal injury […]

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Charlotte Personal Injury: Yes, You Can Recover Damages For Emotional Distress

Feb 2, 2018 by , Personal Injury

emotional distress damages personal injury attorney Charlotte NC

Have you been injured in Charlotte by the negligent or wrongful act of another? Have you been involved in an accident caused by falling debris, or did a physician commit medical malpractice against you or a family member in Mecklenburg County? Whatever the event — no matter how small — the results can be traumatic and often cause emotional distress and hardship. North Carolina citizens who have been injured often ask themselves: “Can I recover for emotional distress if I have been injured?” The answer is “yes.” For help, call […]

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