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Category: Personal Injury

Charlotte Airplane Special Request May Result in an Airplane Injury because of Negligence

Charlotte North Carolina Airplane Passenger Personal Injury Lawyer

According to a June 2017 Huffington Post article, a woman who uses a wheelchair sustained a serious and permanent injury after being dropped on flight. The Florida woman suing United Airlines claimed she was injured and her wheelchair damaged during what she called a “flight from hell.” She has a degenerative disease requiring the use of a wheelchair. The Cause of the Lawsuit In September 2016, the disabled woman was at Houston’s Bush Airport on her way to visit her son in Austin. While at the airport, two contract United […]

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Can Injured Feelings Be Compensated in a Charlotte, North Carolina, Personal Injury Claim?

Jul 11, 2017 by , Personal Injury

Charlotte NC Attorney for Personal Injury

Any time that someone is physically injured through the negligence of another party in Charlotte, North Carolina, they can file a personal injury claim to recover compensation. The primary types of compensation that can be recovered in such cases include economic damages and non-economic damages. The economic damages are the actual financial losses and expenses, such as lost wages, medical expenses, property damage, etc. The non-economic damages are those that do not have a set financial value (but can still be valued and included in the personal injury claim settlement), […]

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Can I File a Valid Personal Injury Claim for a Gym Injury in Charlotte, N.C.?

Charlotte NC Attorney for Personal Injury

If you have been injured in any Charlotte gym or physical fitness environment, whether it was a yoga center, a fitness club, or any exercise facility, you may be wondering if you will be able to recover compensation through a Charlotte, North Carolina, personal injury claim. There are many ways that a person can become injured while working out, or even become ill through contact with an unsanitary surface. Yet, filing a personal injury claim to recover compensation for your injuries can be a complicated process. In some cases, you […]

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Faulty Lead Tests Could Open Company Up to a Myriad of Personal Injury Claims

Jun 30, 2017 by , Personal Injury

Charlotte North Carolina lawyers for personal injury claims

Lead poisoning has been in the news regularly since the crisis in Flint, Michigan, where communities in and outside of Flint suffered from the many effects regular exposure to lead can have, including learning disabilities, behavioral issues, anemia, hypertension, immunotoxicity, and toxicity to the organs. Since the initial coverage of this health crisis, more and more communities have come forward with concerns over lead poisoning and test results showing elevated levels of lead in their communities. In fact, the New York Times recently highlighted the FDA’s announcement that some of […]

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New Study on Soldiers Suffering From More Severe Traumatic Brain Injuries Than Ever Highlights Continuing Problem

Jun 20, 2017 by , Personal Injury

Charlotte North Carolina Brain Injury Attorney

A first of its kind study showing the devastating impact of wartime brain injuries on service members has been making news headlines of late. A University of Washington neurologist (Mac Donald) followed 50 soldiers after they suffered concussive injuries and continued to track their conditions over several years. Her findings may send shock waves through the military community, as she calls into question the belief that these individuals definitively stabilize within a year after the injury occurs. In fact, according to the study, service members’ health symptoms may actually worsened […]

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