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    Accidents or Injuries in Shelby and Cleveland County

    A serious accident can cause physical challenges, economic hardship, and personal turmoil, sometimes for months or years after the fact. Any personal injury settlement should address the resulting suffering, losses, and future needs of the victim.

    This is where the law firm of Brown Moore & Associates, PLLC, comes in. Our accomplished personal injury lawyers are skilled at proving fault, locating insurance coverage, and detailing the full damages. Contact us today for a free consultation and case evaluation about any type of accident or injury:

    • Car or truck accidents
    • Birth injuries or medical malpractice
    • Workers’ compensation and third-party claims
    • Premises liability injuries
    • Dangerous product injuries
    • Injuries to a child or adolescent
    • Wrongful death

    Shelby Personal Injury Lawyers

    Call us at the earliest opportunity if you were injured in an accident in Shelby, Kings Mountain, Boiling Springs, Stubbs, Lattimore, Lawndale, or any corner of Cleveland County. We also welcome cases from Gastonia and Lincolnton.

    We commonly represent North Carolinians and vacationers injured while traveling through Cleveland County on their way to or from Asheville and the Blue Ridge Mountains. We have handled auto accident cases on U.S. 74/Dixon Boulevard, Highway 150/Shelby Highway, Highway 18, and other roadways of the Shelby area.

    Advocates for the Injured in Cleveland County, North Carolina

    Brown Moore & Associates has secured notable results on behalf of clients in a wide spectrum of personal injury and wrongful death claims. The common thread is our compassionate care, personal service, thorough investigation, and willingness to invest the time and resources our clients need to get full compensation.

    While we are building a solid case for damages, we assist clients with other urgent matters after an accident: doctor bills, auto repairs, access to quality medical care, and resources for coping with the emotional aspects of a life-changing injury.

    For a free consultation with our personal injury and car wreck attorneys, call our Charlotte law office at 800-948-0577 toll free or send us an e-mail.

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    No Result, No Attorney Fee

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