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Each claim that comes through our North Carolina personal injury lawyers office, including car accident injuries, malpractice, workers compensation, birth injury, brain injury and product liability is unique and treated in that fashion by our team of North Carolina Personal Injury Lawyers. However, there are a number of aspects that are common across all claims. These include:

  • health insurance issues
  • medical treatment
  • future medical needs
  • wage loss
  • employability

Our North Carolina personal injury attorneys will help you deal with health insurance and related personal injury issues

Health insurance, whether it is Medicare, Medicaid, workers’ compensation, an employer-provided healthcare plan, or private health insurance, can be an even more confusing maze than liability insurance. To make it more complex, many health insurers will seek to be reimbursed for medical payments made on your behalf in the event of recovery for injury or death caused by another.

Our Charlotte personal injury lawyers make this commitment to our clients: whether they have suffered from personal injury, medical malpractice, or related issues, we will negotiate on their behalf to reduce the amount of any reimbursement to which these insurers claim entitlement.

We perform this service free of charge as a courtesy to our clients because we believe that satisfied clients will keep our firm uppermost in the minds of potential clients with personal injury or related legal needs.

Brown Moore & Associates’ North Carolina Personal Injury Lawyers seek to help our clients maximize their insurance benefits

Many of our clients are not aware of the full extent of insurance coverage available to them in the event of injury. Our North Carolina Personal injury attorneys seek to uncover all insurance policies that may apply, and maximize the value of our clients’ claims. We will work diligently to uncover insurance policies of those who cause injury or death to our clients. This also includes those parts of our clients’ own insurance policies upon which claims can be made without increasing premiums.

We recognize insurance claims representatives can be difficult to deal with. Therefore, we take responsibility for handling all insurance aspects of your claim so that you can handle the more important responsibility of taking care of yourself or your loved ones.

Our Charlotte Personal Injury Lawyers recognize that the most important issue is our clients’ health and well-being

As North Carolina personal injury lawyers who specialize in personal injury claims, we realize the tragedy of thousands of uninsured individuals who do not have the immediate ability to pay for their own medical care. For that reason, we strive to offer our personal injury clients the following help with their claims:

  • locate medical providers who will provide treatment to our clients and defer payment.
  • render assistance in arranging payment plans for our clients to their medical providers.
  • negotiate with medical providers to await payment until such time as you have received a monetary recovery either by settlement or jury verdict.

This is again a service provided as a courtesy to our clientele, without any extra charge.

Many of Brown Moore & Associates clients suffer personal injuries that will have lasting, and even life-long, consequences

We recognize that gaining compensation for the current medical bills only does not help our clients pay for needs that may arise in the future that are related to their personal injuries. Many times our clients may not be aware of these needs, or not know where to turn for assistance. As North Carolina personal injury attorneys seeking compensation for you, whether, by settlement or verdict, we will endeavor to determine the present value of the future medical needs you may have. Only by considering all your future medical needs can you regain that which has been taken away.

We help personal injury clients receive the compensation they need and deserve

At Brown Moore & Associates, we recognize medical expenses are not the only immediate cost to our clients. Many injuries require unpaid time away from work or require our clients to use sick or vacation time. Each of these is something for which our clients are entitled to compensation.

Whether self-employed, an independent contractor or an employee, we will work with your employers and seek out the documentation necessary to ensure that you are compensated for all time missed from work due to your personal injury or related incident. If you have lost a loved one, you may be entitled to the future wage-earning capacity of your loved one.

We will diligently explore all losses you have suffered and seek full compensation for them.

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