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(The following are simply representative cases of the areas within which we practice. We do not represent that similar results will be achieved in your case as each case must be evaluated on its own merits.)

$7,542,554 Medical Negligence

Dickerson v. Morfesis and Van Fossen (Medical Negligence)

Negligent post-operative care of surgical patient;
Jury Verdict: $7,542,554.00
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$15,700,000 Railroad/Vehicle

Dixon v. CSX Transportation, Inc. (Railroad/Vehicle)

Railroad/automobile collision involving failure to sound the horn
and inadequate crossing guard, Jury Verdict — $15,700,000

$6,130,000 Medical Negligence

Savino v. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Hospital Authority (Medical Negligence)

Negligent discharge of a patient with chest pain who later suffered a fatal heart attack.
Jury Verdict:  $6,130,000

$4,000,000 Medical Negligence

Ellis v. Medical Care Provider (Medical Negligence)

Birth injury resulting in Cerebral Palsy
Settlement — $4,000,000
(settlement required confidentiality as to defendant)

$4,000,000 Products Liability

Slagle v. L-Tryptophan (Products Liability)

Negligent design and marketing of L-Tryptophan, a neurotoxic drug
represented ten plaintiffs,
Total recovery — approximately $4,000,000

$3,850,000 Construction Injury

Mitcham v. BB Carolina Holdings, LLC (Construction Injury)

Negligent supervision of construction site by general contractor resulting in the death of construction worker.
Jury Verdict:  $3,850,000

$3,500,000 Products Liability

Simmons v. First Colony Group, Ltd., d/b/a The Mulvaney Group, Ltd. (Products Liability)

Negligent installation of roadway, Settlement — $3,500,000

$3,000,000 Medical Negligence

Plyler v. Carolinas Medical Center (Medical Negligence)

Emergency Department Error, Settlement — $3,000,000

$3,000,000 Medical Negligence

White v. Medical Care Providers (Medical Negligence)

Anesthesia error causing brain damage,
Settlement — $3,000,000
(settlement required confidentiality as to defendants)

$2,975,000 Medical Negligence

Client v. Doctors Group (Medical Negligence)

Failed abdominal surgery
Settlement — $2,975,000
(settlement required confidentiality)