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Category: Products Liability

Charlotte Product Liability FAQ: The Answers You Need

Sep 15, 2018 by , Products Liability

Product Liability

Product liability is a section of the law that governs how products are manufactured, marketed, distributed and sold to the public. It handles how injuries caused by defective or malfunctioning products are taken care of when it comes to compensation. Product liability laws hold various companies and entities liable for issues caused by the products they manufacture or sell to the public. The bottom line here is that a person injured by a product’s defective design, manufacturing, or marketing is eligible for compensation for that injury. The laws regarding Charlotte […]

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What Are The Changing & Recent Trends In Products Dangerous To Children & Others?

Charlotte NC Attorney for Personal Injury

A recent report released by Kids in Danger has revealed some startling statistics concerning children’s products recalls from 2016.   Report Reveals Children in More Danger Each Year The report (released in 2017 covering 2016) reflected that: Between 2015 and 2016, the number of children’s product recalls increased 12 percent; There were close to 67,000,000 children’s products recalled (the highest total since 2004); Incidents, injuries, and deaths also rose sharply in 2016, totaling almost 5,000 incidents, 400 injuries, and seven deaths before the recalls were issued; Nursery products comprised 32 […]

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Proving Product Defects Can Require Deep Investigation

Apr 29, 2016 by , Personal Injury

When tens of thousands of individuals file government complaints about a medical product, it would seem that successful outcomes in injury lawsuits related to the products would be virtually guaranteed. However, manufacturers of any product are very skilled at defending their decisions, typically subjecting juries to numerous expert witnesses armed with extensive technical documentation. According to a report by Philadelphia Media Network, this is what happened when, after undergoing several corrective surgeries that did not provide relief for serious medical problems, one woman filed a lawsuit against a manufacturer of […]

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Charlotte Injury Lawyer Warns Parents of Rise in Detergent Pod Injuries

Detergent pods have only been on the market since 2010. They have added convenience to homemakers, but they have also made a mark in a negative way. Their bright colors and soft textures make them look like toys or candy, which attracts children like magnets. Since they are filled with highly-concentrated chemicals, children are sustaining serious injuries at an increasing rate. A New Study Illustrates the Scope of the Detergent Pod Problem On November 10, 2014, The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) released a Pediatric Exposure to Laundry Detergent Pods […]

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North Carolina Drivers May Be Effected By BMW Recalls

After a review of 16 investigations during 2010, which included 338,000 passenger vehicle recalls, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration identified numerous disclosure violations. NHSTA investigations are often triggered by customer complaints or safety concerns and can lead to recalls and also fines. In other incidences, car manufacturers determine there are issues with their vehicles and issue a recall or defect warning without government inquiry. The carmaker BMW was among those targeted by the NHSTA. According to the investigation BMW 5 and 6 Series vehicles from 2004-10 and the 7 […]

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