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Category: Bicycle Accidents

Get Back on a Safe Track for Spring Cycling

Mar 17, 2016 by , Bicycle Accidents

Thanks to North Carolina’s temperate weather conditions and the state’s outstanding support for bicyclists, our Charlotte bike accident attorneys take pride in the number of riders who hit the roads regularly throughout year. However, we understand that many riders put their bikes away until the temperatures start warming in April. A great way to kick off the Spring cycling season is to participate in the 2016 Cycle NC Coastal ride scheduled for April 22 – 24. Before embarking on any ride, bikers should consider the season to be a good […]

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Recent Deadly Bicycle Accident Illustrates the Importance of the Rules of the Road

Jan 22, 2016 by , Bicycle Accidents

According to ABC News, a bicyclist was struck by two cars and killed in September 2015. Both drivers reported that they did not see the bike. Even though relatively few details about the accident are reported, our Charlotte bicycle accident lawyers believe that the accident and tragic death may have been avoided had certain rules of the road been followed. When All Vehicles Follow the Law, Roadway Experiences Become More Predictable All too often, bicyclists who suffer injuries in accidents with motor vehicles experience further challenges when individuals — from […]

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Winter Riding Tips for NC Bicyclists

Dec 28, 2015 by , Bicycle Accidents

North Carolina bicyclists tend to be dedicated fans of their sport. Since weather conditions are typically more temperate than they might be in the frozen tundra of the northern-most states, riders often keep their bikes active during all seasons, including winter. Our Charlotte bike accident attorneys encourage avid riders to remain active year-round, as long as they learn how to remain safe in less-than-ideal riding conditions — and recognize when they need to leave their bikes at home. Guidelines that Help Keep NC Winter Bicyclists Safe North Carolina riders need […]

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Victims of Bicycle Accidents Must Take a Common-Sense Approach to NC Crash Reporting Laws

Oct 13, 2015 by , Bicycle Accidents

With mile after mile of scenic, off-road bicycle routes, North Carolina prides itself on being a bicycle-friendly state. Unfortunately, riders still have to share the roads with motor vehicles to get to many destinations. All too often when collisions occur, injury victims do not know what information will be important to their cases. That is why it is crucial for victims to work with one of our Charlotte bicycle accident lawyers who will ensure they provide the information necessary to pursue the compensation they need and deserve. The publication, A […]

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Even Non-Car Owners Need to Know How to Handle Accident Claims

Aug 25, 2015 by , Bicycle Accidents

Whether they drive down a roadway, ride in a bike lane or walk down a sidewalk, all people face the risk of accidental injuries from the moment they step out of their homes. Vehicle accidents are not reserved for motorists; everyone needs to be prepared to effectively handle accidents. Our Charlotte bicycle accident lawyers want everyone in North Carolina to know the basic steps that can get them the medical treatment they need and the compensation they deserve when their injuries are caused by the actions of other individuals. The […]

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