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Monthly Archives: September 2014

Auto accident claims lives of North Carolina couple

Sep 23, 2014 by , Car Accidents

The lines painted on roadways have significant importance as they help drivers know which lanes they should be in. However, those painted lines cannot keep drivers from drifting into other lanes and potentially into the path of oncoming traffic. If a driver is unable to maintain the proper lane, a serious auto accident with devastating results could quickly occur. A fatal accident recently took place in North Carolina that apparently resulted from a driver not staying in the proper lane. It was reported that a 19-year-old male was driving a […]

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Truck accidents: North Carolina crash leads to fatalities

Sep 18, 2014 by , Truck Accidents

When a car accident takes place, lives could be lost in an instant. The circumstances of such an accident can play a considerable role in whether an individual or multiple individuals suffer fatal injuries in a crash. Truck accidents that also involve smaller vehicles can often result in fatalities due to the size difference and impact levels of the vehicles. A fatal accident involving a semi-truck and a car recently took place in North Carolina. It was reported that the car contained three occupants at the time of the accident. […]

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North Carolina auto accident results in death of pregnant woman

Sep 12, 2014 by , Car Accidents

The death of any individual due to a car accident can be harrowing news for the victim’s loved ones. If the victim was also pregnant and the unborn baby also dies, the situation can become even more devastating and potentially complicated from a legal perspective. The driver considered responsible for the auto accident could potentially face charges for the deaths of two individuals, and the family of the decedents may have cause to file a wrongful death claim. A family in North Carolina may be looking into such options after […]

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North Carolina fatal motorcycle crash leads to felony charges

Failure to yield can be a factor in many car accidents taking place across the country. Some drivers may not yield because they are not paying enough attention to their surroundings, or if the approaching vehicle is small, such as a motorcycle, the driver may not have seen the on-coming vehicle. Unfortunately, this seemingly simple act could result in a fatal motorcycle crash. A similar situation recently took place in North Carolina that result in a fatality and felony charges. It was reported that the driver of a vehicle attempted […]

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