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Monthly Archives: June 2015

The Risks and Rewards of Clinical Trial Participation

It is not uncommon to turn on the radio or TV and hear an invitation to participate in a clinical trial that offers hope for an annoying — or serious — condition with no current cure. These trials are essential in advancing medical knowledge and can bring relief to some participants. Still, while these rewards are often worthwhile, the potential risks can be devastating. When participants suffer injuries as a result of a clinical trial, they may or may not have legal recourse. Our Charlotte medical malpractice lawyers believe these […]

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The Causes of Truck Jackknife Accidents

Jun 23, 2015 by , Truck Accidents

It is common to witness trailers swinging slightly from side to side on the road, but when the swing increases such that it reaches a 90-degree angle with the tractor, it is called a jackknife. The action can be deadly to occupants of nearby vehicles, which is why all drivers need to understand what causes these accidents — and how to avoid them. Certain Conditions Make Jackknife Incidents More LikelyIn June, 2003, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration studied past single vehicle deadly truck crashes to arrive at an analysis […]

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ATVs Can Be Fun — With Safety Training and Experience

Jun 18, 2015 by , Car Accidents

Most people would never consider getting into an airplane cockpit and taking off without first getting a substantial amount of pilot training. Since all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) look like cars — or even tricycles — however, anyone with a set of keys assumes instant expert status. As soon as the weather warms in the spring, ATVs become a popular off-road activity. While each Charlotte car accident lawyer at our firm encourages everyone to get out and enjoy fresh air and sunshine, we recommend they first get training that can help them […]

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Road Rash Can Be a Serious Injury

Somehow, the term, road rash does not truly reflect the potentially serious nature of this common type of motorcycle accident injury. Any motorcyclist who has sustained road rash can attest to its pain, but many riders do not take these injuries as seriously as they should. Without appropriate care and attention, they can lead to additional medical concerns down the road. The Types of Road Rash The luckiest road rash victims walk away with an injury that resembles rug burn, with no broken skin. Unfortunately, many road rash victims sustain […]

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Injured NC Workers May Need Preauthorization for Admission or Surgery

Jun 11, 2015 by , Personal Injury

Under the Workers’ Compensation Act, a workplace injury involving a true medical emergency does not require pre authorization from the insurance company. This same rule holds true for injured workers seeking diagnosis or treatment, regardless of whether the insurer has admitted liability or authorized payment. In spite of these legal requirements, however, injured employees can unfairly face claim denials for hospital admission or procedures that were not preauthorized. This is the time to call a Charlotte workplace injury attorney who understands the complex rules and knows how to advocate on […]

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