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Monthly Archives: October 2016

What You Need to Know About the DMV-349 Crash Report Form

Oct 29, 2016 by , Car Accidents

auto crash attorney in Charlotte NC

If you are in an auto accident on any public traffic roadway in North Carolina, you are legally required to file a DMV-349 Crash Report Form if certain circumstances apply. The circumstances of an auto accident that require your file this form include accidents that result in fatalities, non-fatal injuries, property damage greater than $500 in value, seizure of vehicle with property damage, and seizure of vehicle that is subject to forfeiture (see § G.S. 20-28.2). When you are in an auto accident where any of the above occur, you […]

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Commonly Asked Questions from Plaintiffs in NC Personal Injury Claims

Oct 24, 2016 by , Personal Injury

personal injury claim lawyer in Charlotte NC

At Brown, Moore & Associates, PLLC, we get a lot of frequently asked questions from the plaintiffs of North Carolina personal injury claims. Following are some of those questions and the answers that you’re looking for. What Will My Personal Injury Settlement Be? This is a difficult question to answer without getting a free consultation of your case with Brown, Moore & Associates, PLLC. This is because each personal injury claim is unique, with its own particular circumstances, losses, and liability concerns. Contact us to discuss the possibility of a […]

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How Pedestrians and Bicyclists Can Avoid Personal Injuries

Oct 21, 2016 by , Personal Injury

Charlotte North Carolina personal injury attorney

Walking or riding a bike is a great way to exercise and save money on your commute. However, the majority of pedestrians and bicyclists are walking or riding near major roads, where traffic is an imminent concern. Across the United States, more than 400 pedestrians are seen in the emergency room every day for accidents involving motor vehicles, with a pedestrian passing away from such injuries once every two hours, on average. This results in a total of 735 pedestrian deaths and 156,000 pedestrian emergency room injuries each single year. […]

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Are You Eligible for Workers’ Compensation Even if You’ve Been Denied?

work injury claim lawyer in NC

In North Carolina, employers who have three or more employees are legally obligated to have workers’ compensation insurance to cover those employees in case they are ever injured. Occasionally, larger companies will be self-insured. This is fine, as long as there is some form of workers’ compensation coverage for workplaces that employ more than two workers. If you’ve been injured on the job in North Carolina, you can file a workers’ compensation claim through the North Carolina Industrial Commission (NCIC) to cover your medical expenses and lost wages. These benefits […]

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How Will You Pay Your Medical Expenses After a North Carolina Auto Accident?

Oct 11, 2016 by , Car Accidents

auto accident injury claim attorney in North Carolina

In most cases, there will be some injuries after a North Carolina auto accident. In some accidents, the injuries may be minor and require minimal treatment to recover. In other accidents, the injuries are so severe that you must be rushed via ambulance to the nearest emergency room. Then, there are those injuries that don’t require emergency care, but are still severe enough to warrant significant treatment, rehabilitation, and recovery. You might have to miss time from work. You might end up with a permanent disability. You might also have […]

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