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Charlotte Pedestrian Accidents On The Rise

May 11, 2019 Brown Moore Pedestrian Accident

Charlotte is an up-and-coming area. People are moving here in droves, and we are starting to feel the density. People are choosing to live in our Queen city for various reasons, but our infrastructure is still trying to catch up. Our growing city may not have all the amenities of a bigger city, which means people need to use other forms of transportation than public transportation. If you don’t have a car, then your other option is to walk. Our Charlotte pedestrian accident attorneys at Brown Moore & Associates represent people who are suffering from a personal injury after getting hit by a vehicle. We want everyone in our community to walk safely, but that isn’t the case for our city.

28th Death of 2018

Every day people walk across our busy city streets. Sidewalks are explicitly used by walkers, joggers, children, teenagers, adults, and the elderly. Whether walking to church, a job, entertainment, or just for a stroll, people should feel safe as they walk alongside the road. People using proper crosswalks and traffic signals should not have to worry about vehicles. Yet, pedestrian and vehicle collisions are more and more prevalent.

2018 was almost over when a man was hit and killed by a vehicle. December marked the 28th death which is one more than 2017. The man that was hit fell off the sidewalk curb and was hit by a passing vehicle. The vehicle was not speeding nor was the driver under the influence. The pedestrian was not under the influence either. It seems to have been a real accident, but that isn’t always the case.

Negligent Driving

Drivers like to think that they own the road. Pedestrians want to believe that they always have the right way. Both are wrong. Drivers and pedestrians have to learn to share the roadways much like motorcyclists or bicyclists. However, because vehicles have more armor than a person when the two collide, it is the pedestrian who has a more severe injury.

Drivers who are speeding, distracted, drowsy, or driving under the influence are acting in negligent behavior. As long as the behavior accounts for 90% of the accident, the driver will be at fault for the accident. Drivers who hit pedestrians because of those negligent acts should be held accountable. If we want our city to wake up and start paying attention to pedestrians, we need to hold people responsible for their actions. No one should have to walk the city streets nervous that a car is going to jump the curb.

What We Can Do

Our Charlotte pedestrian accident lawyers will make sure that you get compensation for

  • All your medical bills
  • Loss of wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment of life damages
  • Possible punitive damages

Don’t let the stress of a civil suit prevent you from filing a claim. Because we don’t collect unless you do, let us do the stressing while you focus on recovery. Call 800-948-0577 or click here to start a free conversation with our professional attorneys at Brown Moore & Associates in Charlotte today.