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Construction worker suffers workplace injuries at grocery site

By Brown Moore

July 03, 2014

Home News & Resources Construction worker suffers workplace injuries at grocery site

Although the construction field may be an exciting job industry for those in North Carolina who enjoy hands-on work, it can also be dangerous. Some mistakes can end up costing a person their ability to work for a time, due to severe workplace injuries. One man recently suffered such injuries while working at a construction site in another state.

The accident took place during a recent morning at the site of a grocery store that was in the process of being constructed. The incident happened when the man struck himself with one hose while trying to place concrete below the ground. The injured employee was taken to the hospital, where he was in serious condition. However, his condition was stable, authorities said.

After the accident, officials issued violations not connected to the accident itself. One of the violations was for the employer’s failure to protect people, and another one was for the company’s failure to make property safe during construction. There were perimeter and floor openings, the city’s buildings department said.

Being hit by an object at a work site or slipping and falling in a dangerous area on-the-job can lead to physical harm as well as anxiety about not being able to go back to work right away. Without the ability to work, many people in North Carolina may struggle to meet their financial obligations. Workers compensation insurance, which most employers in our state must provide, can help individuals with workplace injuries to get the benefits they need to address their financial and medical needs appropriately while they try to recover and return to work.

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