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Councilman Pushes Back for Pedestrian Rights

By Brown Moore

November 15, 2021

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Charlotte has recently found itself in a precarious situation. While pedestrian injuries and deaths have seen shocking numbers over recent years, a councilman’s recent mission to improve pedestrian safety is pushing political buttons. This move comes after his own family’s injury in a truck accident after walking home from the bus stop together. The blatant issues with pedestrian infrastructure in Charlotte are further symbolized by the glaring lack of basic pedestrian needs like sidewalks. Brown Moore & Associates, PLLC is urging the public to get a better understanding of the problems faced by pedestrians to avoid becoming victims of a terrible accident.

Charlotte’s Pedestrian Safety Issues Felt by Many

A Charlotte City Councilman by the name of Tariq Bokhari has been on a mission to prevent further injuries and problems for pedestrians in the greater Charlotte metropolitan area. His goal is to make neighborhoods more accessible by adding sidewalks and other safety measures after experiencing a traumatic event in which his family was struck by a truck earlier this year. Councilman Bokhari has made it clear that pedestrian safety is now one of his top priorities as he fleshes out new policies and ideas for reform.

Bokhari is a Republican representing District 6 as a city council member since 2017.

Bokhari recently participated in a ribbon-cutting ceremony in the Southpark neighborhood of Charlotte where he vocalized some of his feelings and priorities surrounding pedestrian safety. “A couple of months ago, my wife and two of my three kids… were hit by a truck on their way home from the bus stop,” he said at the ceremony. Bokhari added that safe and accessible sidewalks are a must-have in Charlotte to prevent this sort of accident from happening again. He has been urging his colleagues to make pedestrian safety a top priority through public forums over the last few months.

Shortly after the accident occurred, the councilman shared images of his family’s injuries on social media. The images were explicit, picturing his family in neck braces, on gurneys, and in the back of an ambulance. He explained that even though his family successfully recovered, the possibility for pedestrian accidents still looms in his neighborhood and others around Charlotte. Media reports add that part of the problem is that his neighborhood – like many in Charlotte – does not even have adequate pedestrian infrastructure like sidewalks. This forces walkers to take to the road, putting them at risk of being hit by passing automobiles.

According to a study conducted by Smart Growth America, the Charlotte metropolitan area ranked 34th in the most dangerous cities to walk in among American cities. The same study reports that over 400 people have been hit and killed in the city between 2010 and 2019.

Brown Moore & Associates, PLLC Fight for You

While the implementation and renovation of existing infrastructure in Charlotte may be a long and arduous process, some people simply cannot wait. The injuries and repercussions of pedestrian accidents have been plaguing the city for decades now, causing immense financial struggle and even death.

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