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Driver in North Carolina motorcycle wreck charged with DWI

Sep 11, 2013 Brown Moore Motorcycle Accidents

North Carolina drivers have heard the warnings not to get behind the wheel after drinking. An otherwise good driver can easily have an accident if he or she is impaired. A car vs. motorcycle wreck recently is believed to have been caused by an impaired driver.

The female driver of the vehicle believed to be responsible for the death of a motorcycle rider has been charged with DWI. The 25-year-old woman and her two passengers were traveling southbound as a motorcycle rider was traveling northbound on the same road. The southbound vehicle attempted to make a left hand turn when it slammed into the motorcycle.

The 52-year-old rider of the motorcycle was taken to an area hospital with unknown injuries. Medical personnel attempted to save the man’s life and treat his injuries but to no avail. The rider died as a result of the injuries he sustained in the crash. The investigation revealed that the driver of the vehicle and the passengers were not properly restrained. It was not reported if the vehicle’s occupants sustained any injuries in the crash.

The results of the police investigation may be used by the family of the motorcycle rider as proof of negligence in a wrongful death claim in connection with the car vs. motorcycle wreck. If the North Carolina woman is convicted of DWI, that too can be used by the family to prove that the woman’s negligent actions caused the death of their loved one. Not only can they get their own justice, but they can also recover the medical bills, funeral costs, and pain and suffering brought about by their loss.

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