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Falling worker may benefit from workers’ compensation

May 16, 2014 Brown Moore Workers' Compensation

Scaffolding typically is designed to safely support a worker who is handling a cleaning, repair, or building job. However, the most unexpected accidents can take place on these structures in North Carolina and elsewhere. These accidents can lead to major injuries that might prevent employees from being able to return to the job site for some time, which is why workers compensation insurance benefits are so useful. An accident recently took place at a carnival in another state when an employee was using scaffolding.

The maintenance worker reportedly fell from a ride at a carnival. The incident occurred during the early evening hours at a mall. The man is 33 years old.

According to authorities, he fell from scaffolding while trying to repair the swing ride. He was conscious after the incident and was transported to the hospital. The man, fortunately, was able to later be released. The ride was closed the day of the accident due to heavy winds, according to the manager of the carnival.

What may start out as a seemingly innocent and easy repair job may end up resulting in a serious injury that requires hospitalization. Workers’ compensation insurance benefits are meant to help employees as they recover from their injuries. An individual can get the medical treatments that he or she needs while also getting the money needed to keep up with monthly expenses while not being able to go to work. Proper legal guidance may help workers injured on the job in North Carolina claim the benefits deemed suitable for their particular circumstances.

Source: CBS Pennsylvania, “Employee Injured After Falling Off NJ Mall Carnival Ride“, May 4, 2014