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Knowing When You Should Call a Personal Injury Lawyer

Feb 28, 2017 Brown Moore Personal Injury

In most personal injury claims, the injured victim didn’t see it coming and could never have anticipated what was about to happen to them beforehand. Sometimes, it is a small accident, and the injured person doesn’t think it’s too serious at first. Then, it ends up changing their lives when they find out just how serious the injury really is (or has become). Many personal injury victims lose wages from time off work, have to confront tremendous medical expenses, lengthy recoveries, and rehabilitation, and may not even be able to return to work at all.

Yet, not all personal injuries obviously necessitate a lawsuit. Not every injury constitutes a winnable personal injury claim, and there is not always a liable party. Sometimes, the person who is injured is liable for their own injuries – and possibly the injuries of others, too. Other times, the injuries don’t create a significant amount of expenses or losses. This is why it can be challenging to know when you should call a North Carolina personal injury lawyer.

Different Forms of Personal Injury That An Attorney Could Help With

There are more than thirty million emergency room visits, caused by accidental injuries in the United States, every year. A large portion of these is broken bones, deep cuts, serious burns, head injuries, back injuries, and internal organ injuries. These injuries are most frequently caused by auto accidents and pedestrian accidents, slip or trip and fall incidents, dog bites and attacks, defective and malfunctioning products, and medical errors. They are mostly avoidable injuries that occur through the negligence of one or more individuals.

Common Reluctance to Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer

It is very common and typical for personal injury victims to second guess whether or not they should contact a personal injury attorney. For some, it feels like a lot of added stress to get a legal professional involved. It can also be challenging for a personal injury victim to determine whether or not their injury is serious enough or costly enough to make it worthwhile. Many people associate personal injury lawyers with expensive and complicated legal procedures that they’d rather avoid altogether. In some cases, it really isn’t necessary to hire an attorney. A mild auto accident that involves no injuries, for example, can likely be addressed without one.

However, if you have any doubts at all, it is important to be aware that seeking a free consultation does no harm at all. You can inquire about your case to find out whether or not it is worth pursuing with the help of a lawyer, whether there is a claim at all, who is liable for the injuries, and how to pursue compensation.

Simply talking to an attorney or legal staff about these issues is usually a part of the free consultation, and you are under no obligation to hire that attorney or any other. You can also typically trust the lawyer’s advice because he or she is not going to try to trick you into pursuing a claim that can’t be won. Personal injury attorneys ordinarily only get paid a fee if you recover compensation, so there is no benefit to a lawyer to convince you to pursue a claim with his or her representation if it is not worthwhile.

Making Sense of the Process of Pursuing a Personal Injury Claim

Another thing that a personal injury attorney can do in that initial consultation gives you an idea of how the personal injury claim process works. Most people don’t really understand the procedures and steps that have to be taken to pursue a personal injury claim.

Chances are that you’re not an expert in this area of law (or any other) and you could benefit from the advice of someone who is. You might not know that an insurance company may try to take advantage of your need after an injury occurs and is more focused on saving money than making sure you’re taken care of. For many, this means that it is really necessary to hire an attorney to advocate for their rights and protect them from insurance company tactics.

Personal Injury Claims for Defective Products and Medical Malpractice

Any time personal injuries result from a defective product or from a medical mistake (or medical malpractice), you can expect to face a whole team of lawyers who are going to work hard to defend their clients from liability. They may not want to be straightforward about what really occurred or why your injuries resulted from the company or medical provider’s mistake.

You may have trouble even finding out for yourself what really happened to you. Even worse, the attorneys for the people who hurt you are often going to question your character and credibility, and will even seek to delay or minimize any monetary recovery that is owed to you. These are cases where you absolutely need the advice, guidance, and representation of a skilled personal injury attorney.

Your attorney can initiate a serious investigation into what happened to you, get answers to the questions that you have, and make sure that nobody takes advantage of your difficult situation. When facing the aggressive defenses of a large company or large insurer with plenty of resources, you need to have an aggressive representation of your interests, as well.

Personal Injury Claims Involving Permanent Disability

While some injuries may be mild enough to not require the guidance of an attorney, others are serious enough to result in permanent disability. These situations can completely change your quality of life and prevent you from ever being able to earn an income again. If you’re facing this kind of personal injury, then you absolutely need to talk to an attorney.

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If you have any questions about your North Carolina personal injury claim, including whether or not you really need an experienced Charlotte personal injury attorney to help you pursue that claim, contact Brown Moore & Associates, PLLC for a free consultation. We’ll help you evaluate your situation from a legal standpoint, investigate your claim, and, if warranted, pursue that claim with all of our resources.