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North Carolina family may be looking into workers’ compensation

Aug 8, 2014 Brown Moore Workers' Compensation

When a workplace accident takes place that results in the death of a worker, the family of that individual will likely have to deal with many decisions in the near future. They may also struggle financially as they make funeral arrangements and try to work around the loss of the income that had been generated by the victim. However, if the death occurred while the party was on the job, the family may be entitled to workers compensation benefits.

A family in North Carolina may be looking into whether they qualify for such benefits after their family member was killed on the job. Reports indicated that a man was working as a contractor building houses in a neighborhood when he was run over by a truck. The worker was apparently on the back of a truck that was carrying a piece of machinery when he fell from the truck.

The driver of the vehicle reportedly felt the truck run over something, and upon checking, he found the worker. It was reported that police are continuing to investigate the incident. It was also mentioned that the driver was upset about the incident, and that, at this point, the situation is being considered an accident.

Just as the driver of the truck may be shaken over the event, the family of the victim will likely be devastated over the loss of their loved one. However, the situation may allow them to qualify for workers’ compensation benefits that could help supplement the loss of the decedent’s income and other difficulties that may arise as a result of the incident. They may wish to look into workers’ compensation information in North Carolina to determine whether they may qualify.

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