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Pedestrian Crossing Street in Charlotte Becomes Victim of Hit and Run Accident

Dec 23, 2020 Brown Moore Pedestrian Accident

When you are out for a stroll, taking a walk, you rarely think of the cars that are speeding by. Those cars and trucks are the biggest threat to a pedestrian. The amount of force a car or even a truck has can be devastating to a pedestrian. When pedestrians are crossing the street, this is when they are at their most vulnerable. At Brown Moore & Associates, PLLC, our Charlotte pedestrian accident lawyers want to discuss a recent pedestrian accident in Charlotte. This hit-and-run left one person dead, and a family left with grief and unanswered questions.

What Happened in This Charlotte Pedestrian Accident?

In October 2020, Jamal McCullogh was walking on Beatties Ford Road when he decided to cross the street. While in the crosswalk, he was struck by a Toyota driven by Shawn-Dale Ashley. Ashley abandoned the car and fled the scene, according to police. Ashley was suspected of impaired driving but has not been formally charged. Tragically, McCullough was pronounced dead on the scene.

Merely crossing the street cost McCullough his life, and all Ashley had to do was watch the road, especially for vulnerable pedestrians. But these tragedies are far too every day in Charlotte. Careless and distracted drivers, high speeds, and negligence result in heartache and grief for victims of pedestrian accidents and their loved ones.

Pedestrian Accidents Cause The Victim Immense Pain and Suffering

Most pedestrian accidents are tragic—a vehicle colliding with a pedestrian who has no protection results in grave injuries, if not worse. Some of these injuries are minor, but many need long and expensive hospital visits. At Brown Moore & Associates, PLLC, our Charlotte pedestrian accident attorneys find that there are responsible parties for these accidents, those not obeying the rules of the road and who put vulnerable people at risk.

The victim and family members of a pedestrian accident have to deal with such problems as:

  • Reduced mobility
  • Loss of wages due to the inability to work
  • Emotional and physical trauma
  • Loss of stability in the home
  • Sudden unemployment
  • Unforeseen legal and medical bills
  • Unable to keep up with mortgage and rent payments

These issues compound one another, and the victim may not be able to help while they recover. Recovery can take years, and there needs to be available compensation for the victim and their loved ones. We want to help you find that compensation for you or a loved one so everyone can be made whole and fully recover.

Call Us For a Free Consultation on Your Case

If you or somebody you love has been the victim of a pedestrian accident caused by a driver’s negligent and careless actions in the Charlotte area, please contact us immediately. We ask that you contact us immediately because the statute of limitations on a pedestrian accident is only three years. We want to act as quickly as possible to assist you as best we can. We pledge to conduct a full investigation into your claim so we can secure the compensation you need. This can include:

  • Costly medical bills
  • Rehabilitation services such as physical therapy
  • Lost wages
  • Psychological care
  • Pain and suffering
  • Punitive damages

When you need a Charlotte pedestrian accident lawyer, you can contact us for a free consultation by clicking here or calling 704-335-1500.