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Scenery and Danger Run in Tandem For Motorcyclists

May 25, 2016 Brown Moore Motorcycle Accidents

A major advantage of sight-seeing by motorcycle is the unencumbered scenic views. Riders are not limited by windshields and side windows to see the sights; however, their vehicles carry greater risks than most enclosed four-wheel vehicles. While our Charlotte motorcycle accident lawyers have seen serious accidents take place in these areas, motorcyclists typically sustain the most severe injuries.

Only the most experienced riders should take on the challenges of these roads, while recognizing that they, too, can become victims of any number of risks.

One Route Illustrates the Beauty and Danger of Many Scenic Drives

The 11-mile route known as Tail of the Dragon between North Carolina and Tennessee is a good example of the combination of beauty and danger to all motorists. According to, the road offers a few scenic overlooks to safely pull off and enjoy the view, but it is situated primarily within forested areas, making longer-range visibility just one of many issues.

The short distance of this road is said to contain 318 curves and, like many scenic roads, it is full of many other dangers, such as the following:

  • Blind curves and crests, often leading to sudden encounters with other vehicles
  • Curved or tilted road surfaces that can challenge two-wheel vehicles
  • Slick conditions caused by sudden, unexpected, and sporadic rain and snowstorms
  • Potential encounters with downed trees, wildlife, and even tractor-trailers occupying both lanes of a curve, even though they are actually prohibited from using the road

This particular road carries its own reminder of the dangers. The Tree of Shame, with branches adorned by crashed motorcycle bits, acts as a warning monument that bikers can visit.

Maneuverability Does Not Provide Extra Safety for Motorcyclists

As a general rule, smaller vehicles offer extra maneuverability in tight situations, but this added protection is certainly not available to two-wheel vehicles. A sudden directional change within a narrow lane can easily drop a motorcycle — or send it careening off of a cliff.

Serious injuries and fatalities are all too common in these situations, but establishing liability can pose many challenges. The lack of long-range visibility can reduce the likelihood of witnesses available to report on accidents with other vehicles, so testimony often becomes a “he said-she said” situation.

Furthermore, since motorcyclists can easily lose control due to an encounter with a road defect, questions can arise pertaining to potential municipal negligence, assuming that road maintenance is below the levels that reasonable motorists can expect.

Naturally, the most important order of business after a motorcycle accident is to seek immediate medical attention. Still, considering the potential complexities involved in seeking compensation, it is important to get in touch with an attorney who has experience in the special issues involved — and the investigative resources available to clarify liability issues. For the support needed to help move forward on a claim, call us at 800-948-0577 or use our convenient online contact form.