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Truck accidents in North Carolina may not just involve trucks

Mar 5, 2014 Brown Moore Truck Accidents

Operating a large semi or tanker truck can be a challenge when the route being traveled is also occupied with smaller cars. North Carolina drivers are all equally responsible for their actions while operating their vehicle and can be held accountable for any injuries or deaths that may result from truck accidents that they are determined to be at fault. A recent accident may result in a lawsuit after a sedan driver crashed into a tanker truck.

Two drivers were seriously injured when a sedan collided with a tanker truck. The driver of the sedan was reportedly traveling north when her vehicle sideswiped a southbound dump truck. The young 22-year-old driver over-corrected her car, which caused her to veer into oncoming traffic where she crashed into an 18-wheeler tanker truck.

The female driver was apparently in shock and when police officials arrived, and they called for a medical helicopter to airlift her to the UNC Hospitals. The tanker truck driver was also taken to a local hospital by ambulance for the serious injuries he sustained, but they were reported as not being life-threatening. However, he will likely face extensive medical bills as a result of his injuries.

The North Carolina troopers have not reported making any official charges in the accident. This does not mean that there will not be any repercussions for the female driver. The driver of the 18-wheeler may choose to file claims for the accident. Even though state troopers have reported that the area of the accident is heavily traveled by larger log trucks and big rigs, it is still every driver’s responsibility to pay attention to the conditions of the road and the other vehicles that they are traveling around in order to avoid truck accidents.

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