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Workers’ compensation can help employee following plant accident

Apr 18, 2014 Brown Moore Workers' Compensation

Many dangers can threaten a person’s health and safety in the state of North Carolina. An employee may fall or have a large object fall on top of him or her. In other instances, people may be injured due to repetitive motion, such as the motion required to lift several boxes a day. In one recent out-of-state case, a man was injured at a plant — the type of situation in which a worker may opt to claim worker’s compensation insurance benefits.

The accident took place at a steel and mining plant. The employee involved in the incident suffered injuries. However, company officials did not divulge the nature of the injuries or what caused the injuries. Fortunately, the injuries were not deemed to be life-threatening.

Company officials said that they hoped the employee would recover completely and quickly. A safety investigation is taking place following the accident. The plant provides coke battery operations.

Businesses in our state have to buy worker’s compensation insurance that covers worker’s who become ill or who sustain injuries while at work. Injured employees shouldn’t have to worry about being fired for filing worker’s compensation claims. Likewise, companies may find comfort in knowing that purchasing worker’s insurance helps to protect them from being sued in the case of a worker injury. This type of insurance, therefore, benefits both employers and employees and is critical in helping workers to stay financially afloat while getting the medical assistance they need following a work accident. It certainly is within the rights of injured parties to seek to acquire the maximum insurance benefits for which they are eligible in light of their unique situations in North Carolina.

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