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Workers Compensation

The process of starting a workers’ compensation claim really isn’t too difficult. The first thing that I want to do is meet with the client and gather all the information necessary, in order to inform myself of what happened and the story that the worker has to tell.

Not every injury that happens in the workplace is covered by workers’ compensation, unfortunately. The law requires that there has to be an injury by accident, and what that means is there has to be some deviation from the normal course of work. What I want to do is put a lot of thought into what the client’s particular needs are, and knowing the doctors in the area, who is going to be the best doctor to see that client, given those particular needs. And ultimately, what we want to do is get our client to be seen by that doctor for treatment recommendations, and even potentially a transfer of care to that doctor.

What we want to do is be able to maximize the recovery, and that’s often based upon what future medical treatment we’re looking at, as well as what the client is making in terms of a weekly disability benefit. We want to be able to project that out into the future, to estimate how long it may take our clients to return to work so that we can hopefully provide some type of a bridge of income until they’re able to get there.

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