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Auto accident involving car, semi leads to deaths and injuries

Jun 27, 2014 Brown Moore Car Accidents

When driving other passengers around, a person is responsible for operating his or her vehicle safely. Failing to exercise caution behind the wheel can, unfortunately, lead to debilitating injuries or even death. Two women recently lost their lives and four others suffered injuries in a Charlotte auto accident involving a car and semi-truck.

A car with six individuals was heading east on a road and reportedly passed a stop sign. The car then ended up underneath a semi that was heading south on a different road. The accident happened during the early morning hours.

One occupant of the car passed away at the accident scene; she was 20 years old. She was sitting in the rear of the car when the crash occurred. The other car occupants were transported to the hospital with major injuries. One of them, a 19-year-old woman who sat next to the 20-year-old, died while at the medical center. According to police, alcohol use may have contributed to the collision.

The driver of the car, a man who is 21 years old, was injured; charges against him are now pending. The driver of the semi suffered no injuries. Besides potentially facing criminal charges, the car’s driver may face trouble in civil court if the injured victims and family members of the two deceased victims decide to sue him. Also, if he is charged and ends up being convicted of drunk driving, evidence of this could be presented in a North Carolina civil court in an attempt to establish the fact that he is liable for the death and injuries stemming from the auto accident.

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