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Car accidents: Avoidance attempt leads to crash in North Carolina

Jul 9, 2014 Brown Moore Car Accidents

When traffic suddenly slows, individuals may have to attempt quick maneuvering to avoid an accident. Unfortunately, car accidents can take place even when trying to avoid another accident. Because traffic and the actions of other drivers are often unpredictable, serious accidents can take place suddenly, and even if a driver was trying to avoid an accident, that individual could end up with serious injuries.

A driver in North Carolina found himself in a similar situation. According to reports, a vehicle was stopped in a middle lane of a roadway for unknown reasons. This stopped vehicle cause traffic around it to slow, and apparently, in an attempt to avoid colliding with a slowing vehicle, the driver of a second vehicle swerved into another lane. However, moving into the other lane caused this vehicle to collide with the stopped vehicle.

The collision resulted in the second vehicle moving into another lane, and as a result, that vehicle was hit by an oncoming pickup truck that was hauling a boat. The driver in that second vehicle had to be cut out, and he was transported from the scene with critical injuries. None of the other individuals involved were seriously injured. No charges have been filed at this time, but authorities are continuing to investigate.

Though the driver of the second vehicle was attempting to avoid a collision, he found himself in a serious accident. Unfortunately, as this situation shows, car accidents cannot always be avoided and serious injuries can result. As the investigation continues, authorities should work to determine who may have been at fault for the accident. If another driver is found responsible, the injured party may wish to consider filing a personal injury claim in North Carolina in hopes of gaining compensation for accumulated damages.

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