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Car Accidents Common Among Young, Inexperienced Drivers

By Brown Moore

December 13, 2013

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Virtually all North Carolina teens are excited at the prospect of learning to drive and getting their license. The ability to safely drive on one’s own requires a mix of experience and solid decision-making skills. Unfortunately, teenagers are often deficient in both of these categories. A serious crash recently took place in Raleigh, North Carolina, and exemplifies the risk of car accidents involving young drivers.

Upon early investigation, police believe that five teenagers were driving along Norwood Road at around 8:30 on a recent evening when the vehicle approached a curve. Reports indicate that the 16-year-old driver was unable to successfully navigate the curve, and crossed the center line into the path of oncoming traffic. A head-on collision followed.

Police note that the road was wet at the time of the crash, but indicate that excessive speed played a causal role. Two boys who were riding in the front seat of the vehicle had their seat belts on at the time of the crash and sustained minor injuries. Three girls in the back of the car were not wearing seat belts and were all ejected from the vehicle. The other vehicle was carrying four passengers, all of whom required emergency medical treatment for injuries sustained in the crash.

The 16-year-old driver was cited for speeding, and also for having teenage passengers within the car who were not wearing seat belts. In this case, everyone involved is lucky to be alive. However, those injured as a result of this crash have the right to pursue the driver for personal injury claims. North Carolina drivers, regardless of their age, are required to exert a proper measure of care and concern while operating a motor vehicle, and to take precautions against car accidents. It appears that those standards may not have been met in this case.

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