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Charlotte Bike Accident Attorneys are Proud of the City’s Bicycle Safety Features

Feb 23, 2015 Brown Moore Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle riding is a great way to get exercise and save fuel while taking care of daily errands or commuting to and from work. As bicycles continue to gain popularity, however, conflicts with motorists become increasingly common. Riders face significant risks while sharing the busy Charlotte roadways with motor vehicles. Still, our lawyers commend the city for the actions it has already taken to help encourage bicycle safety.

An Impressive Start for Charlotte Bike Riders

The unfortunate truth is that motor vehicles and bicycles are two very different modes of transportation that are forced to follow the same laws while using roads designed specifically for motorists. This is why it is so important that the city of Charlotte is taking important measures to protect bicyclists in a number of ways, such as the following:

  • Bike lane improvements: In addition to providing 72 miles of bike lanes, the city introduced green lanes to make bicyclists more visible to motorists. Additionally, although most roads do not have extra space for extra protection, the city took advantage of extra space at one location to provide a buffered bike lane. Even back-in angle parking for cars makes bikers safer by providing motorists with a clearer view of the road while pulling out of parking spots.
  • Pavement detectors: Some signaled intersections have sensors that can identify bicycles, which can help reduce the risk of bicycles forced to run red lights due to lack of detection.
  • Bike box: At least one bike box on the pavement warns motorists of the need to stop for bicycles, preventing conflicts during right turns and in other situations.
  • Other conveniences for bicycles: The city added more signed bike routes to help riders reach destinations using existing bike lanes and lower-traffic areas. They also provide at least one bicycle maintenance stand to help with common repairs, and there are possible plans for more stands in the future.

Bikers Still Need to Think Twice Before Riding in the City

Bicyclist rights are important; however, when riders continue to suffer serious injuries in bicycle accidents with large, motorized vehicles, they may want to think twice before hitting the road. Few safety measures sufficiently separate bikes from other traffic, which can become a major concern during the confusion of high-traffic times, such as a rush hour.

In many cases, the best way to avoid severe injury is to use a car or public transportation to travel to city destinations during peak traffic times. Nevertheless, bike riders in Charlotte should also be aware that the city offers a wealth of cycling trails that keep riders safe. An extra bonus is that these trails often provide scenic variety that adds enjoyment to every ride.

Bicycle Accidents Require Thorough Investigation

City bicycle safety measures cannot guarantee accident prevention, and all too often, motorists claim cyclist errors as the cause of accidents. With the likelihood of severe injury or worse, riders often cannot remain at the accident scene to present their side of the story.

It is essential to retain attorneys with the skills and resources to conduct a thorough investigation as soon as possible after an accident. Forensic evidence often provides the most accurate picture of what actually happened. Anyone considering a legal case should immediately get in touch with one of our lawyers at 800-948-0577, or use our convenient online contact form. The initial consultation is free.