How a Charlotte Car Accident Attorney Can Help Your Case

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How a Charlotte Car Accident Attorney Can Help Your Case

By Brown Moore

October 13, 2017

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Making a comeback to normal life can feel overwhelming when you are the victim of a traffic collision. The physical trauma, emotional turmoil, and confusing legal process may seem like a hopeless endeavor to dig yourself out of. However, an experienced attorney can help lighten your load significantly and ensure that you are fairly and adequately compensated for your damages in the process. Call us today to inquire about scheduling a free consultation with one of our experienced Charlotte car accident attorneys today.

Examining Your Damages from a Charlotte Car Accident

Financial compensation does not just cover the monetary losses that were thrust upon you, such as lost wages or property damage. With serious injuries, one of the largest components of a personal injury claim is that of pain and suffering, psychological harm, and disfigurement. We take into account every detail of your injuries and pain and suffering, and what they should be compensated for, as well as all of your other damages. You may be able to receive compensation for the following:

Charlotte Car Accident Attorney

If you have been injured in a Charlotte car accident, you deserve compensation for your injuries. Reach out to Brown Moore & Associates today!

  • Medical costs
  • Future medical costs
  • A permanent disability
  • Scarring or disfigurement
  • Emotional or psychological damage
  • Loss of joy in life
  • Lost earning capacity
  • Lost wages
  • Property damage

Distracted Driving in Charlotte Car Accident Cases

A very large percentage of traffic collisions are caused by distracted drivers. Some of the most common forms of distraction include texting, talking on the phone, eating or drinking, reaching for something, attending to children, talking to a passenger, staring out the side window, or just plain daydreaming. People often forget that when they are behind the wheel of a car, they are not sitting down in their living room, they are going, potentially, 70 miles per hour mere feet away from other steel boxes that each weigh two-tons. Drivers must remain vigilant at all times, or suffer the consequences of injuring or killing another and being held responsible.

Aggressive and Reckless Driving in Charlotte Car Accident Cases

Road rage can take over even the most docile of people if they have been sitting in traffic long enough. However, under no circumstances is aggressive driving acceptable, such as swerving in and out of lanes, speeding, or using a vehicle to intimidate others. Aggressive driving is just one form of reckless driving, which is defined as driving a vehicle “without due caution and circumspection and at a speed or in a manner so as to endanger or be likely to endanger any person or property,” as per North Carolina General Statute 20-140. Many serious crashes are caused by aggressive and reckless drivers, the damages of which are often exceedingly great.

Drunk Driving Crashes in Charlotte in Charlotte Car Accident Cases

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in just one year, alcohol-impaired traffic fatalities in North Carolina rose by more than 13 percent (to 30 percent in total), putting the rate of alcohol-caused fatalities in North Carolina above the national average. Driving after drinking is never an intelligent thing to do, and to do so with a blood alcohol content of 0.08 percent or more is illegal in North Carolina. Drunk drivers have a decreased ability to react, make decisions, and even steer in a straight line. If you were injured by a drunk driver, you need to take action now.

Why You Need a Charlotte Car Accident Attorney

It is vital that you contact an attorney before entering negotiations with the other party’s insurance company. Initial offers are almost certainly unfairly low, and by working with an attorney, you drastically improve your chances of receiving much, much more. Receiving fair compensation in the form of a settlement or lawsuit can be a long, slow process, and one that involves mountains of paperwork and a diligent legal mind. To ensure that you are compensated justly, you need to work with an attorney. An attorney will also ensure the following:

  • That you do not accidentally admit fault. The other party’s insurance company may lure an accidental “confession” out of you by asking tricky questions. This is done to place liability on you (on your insurance company) or to establish partial liability so they can avoid any payment under North Carolina’s contributory negligence doctrine.
  • We work to prove liability through careful legal work, crash scene investigation, eyewitness testimony, and expert witnesses. The cause of the crash may seem clear-cut to you since you were there to see it, but things can get turned around very easily in court or leading up to a lawsuit. The other party may even lie about what happened in an attempt to pass off the blame.
  • We want to help you receive fair compensation for your injuries. While a broken bone is obvious to diagnose, other soft tissue injuries may not show up until later. Or, your mild traumatic brain injury may be much more serious than initially expected. Some injuries manifest themselves later or fail to heal for months or even years. It is important to maximize your compensation so that you are not left with a permanent disability that was never fairly accounted for.

Your Damages May Cost More Than You Think

The average inpatient cost for one day in a non-profit North Carolina hospital is just under $1,900, according to Hospital CFO Report. However, this does not take into account the true cost of your injuries, like surgeries, a night in the Intensive Care Unit, and other procedures can all quickly add up to tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in no time at all. Add in the cost of recovering in the weeks and months afterward, with more procedures, doctor visits, prescription medication, and lost time at work, and one car crash can financially cripple even a well-off Charlotte family.

Contact a Charlotte Car Accident Lawyer Today

If you were injured in any type of traffic collision, we invite you to call our Charlotte law office to speak with one of our Brown Moore & Associates, PLLC personal injury representatives. Give us a call today to talk to one of our experienced Charlotte car accident lawyers about a free initial consultation.