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Deadly car accidents; 1 victim fatally injured in North Carolina

Jan 28, 2014 Brown Moore Car Accidents

Any time a family is notified that they have lost a loved one, it can be difficult. Car accidents are prominent in the untimely deaths of those who are fatally injured. A recent car accident victim died on the scene after what was identified as a major multiple-vehicle tragedy in North Carolina.

The investigation of the crash determined that a man’s vehicle crossed a median and went into oncoming traffic just before slamming into the victim’s vehicle. The report indicated that there were multiple vehicles involved in the crash, but it did not specify an exact number or if any other injuries were sustained. The report was not clear on what exactly caused the man’s car to hit the barrier system.

A witness to the car accident reported that the man’s vehicle began flipping through the air after it hit the barrier that was in the median. The vehicle then flew over the witness car and came down onto the victim’s car. The man who was allegedly at fault for the accident has been charged with a misdemeanor in the motor vehicle death of an 83-year-old North Carolina woman.

Car accidents that result in death are not always easily handled. It can understandably be very heartbreaking to find out that a loved one is no longer alive after a car accident. Many struggles come with an unexpected death, and it can be particularly difficult to manage to make the final arrangements. Filing a civil lawsuit against someone who is at fault for the vehicular death of a family member can help compensate for the financial hardships that can cause more stress than needed while mourning.

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