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Driver who hit car accident victim in North Carolina arrested

By Brown Moore

July 12, 2013

Home News & Resources Driver who hit car accident victim in North Carolina arrested

Several people witnessed an accident in the early afternoon hours of June 29. It was with the help of those witnesses that police were able to apprehend the driver of the car that hit a moped rider. The car accident victim ended up dying from injuries sustained as a result of the collision.

The driver is being held in a North Carolina county jail on a secured bond of $25,000. The accident took place at the intersection of S. 15th Street and Greenfield in Wilmington. The driver hit the moped and then drove off without even stopping. It is not known for what date the driver’s next court date has been scheduled.

Police are grateful to those witnesses who helped them find the driver quickly. There are some hit-and-run accidents that can take a long time to solve, if they are ever solved. In those cases, families are left to wonder how someone could so callously leave the scene after hitting someone. They are also denied justice — not only for themselves, but for the family member they lost.

Fortunately, in this case, the driver was found and will face charges in a North Carolina court in connection with the car accident. In addition, the family of the car accident victim will also be able to file a wrongful death claim against the driver in order to seek relief for the costs and damages associated with their loss. However, being able to file a civil suit may also help the family find some closure and peace. Nothing will ever be able to undo what has been done, but being having a physical symbol such as a judgment can often help a family heal.

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