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Drivers Urged to Exercise Caution in School Zones

Sep 7, 2012 Brown Moore School Bus Accident

With the summer coming to an end, children throughout North Carolina are returning back to the classroom. Police and law enforcement throughout the area are encouraging everyone to take a few moments to discuss school bus safety.

While some drivers may only worry about the potential penalties for a traffic violation around a school bus, there are other important issues that drivers need to be aware of to help reduce the chance of a school bus accident.

When a driver is approaching or behind a school bus that is flashing its red lights, drivers must stop their vehicles. These vehicles must remain stopped until the flashing lights have turned off, any safety arms have been withdrawn and the bus begins to move once again.

Once a motorist spots a school bus, he or she needs to be more alert about what is happening. Pay close attention to children in the area. Many kids might run to or from a school bus, and not notice other vehicles nearby, or think that all other cars will be stopped.

Speeding in a school zone, especially when children are present, is a sure way to get a very costly ticket. In fact, penalties for passing school buses or for stop-arm violations have increased substantially. Passing a school bus illegally can come with a five-point driver’s license penalty.

Parents should also set aside some time to talk about school bus safety with their children. Help them understand how dangerous it can be for them when they are boarding or exiting the bus. If possible, try to be there for the first few days so you can help them learn safe habits.

Source: “NC School Bus Safety Laws” Mark Geary, August 9, 2012.