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Two School Buses Involved In North Carolina Crash

Oct 24, 2012 Brown Moore School Bus Accident

Injuries to children are always a matter of serious concern. After all, kids are vulnerable in so many different ways. There is only so much they can do on their own to protect themselves from harm.

That’s why every school bus crash in North Carolina should be an occasion for some soul searching about how to improve safety. And that includes today’s crash in Madison County.

This crash was literally a double whammy. It involved two school buses, not only one. The buses collided along U.S. 25/70, not far from A-B Tech’s Madison campus.

The North Carolina Highway Patrol and numerous other agencies responded. According to preliminary reports, there was a pickup truck involved as well as the two buses. One of the buses may have struck an A-B Tech campus building, after being pushed by one of the other vehicles.

Authorities say there were no life-threatening injuries among the school children on board the buses. At Mission Hospital in Asheville, 15 middle school children and an adult bus driver were admitted to the emergency room. Officials at the hospital said all of those people are in stable condition. Parents of the school children have been notified.

It is not yet clear what caused the crash to occur. A thorough investigation should bring facts to light.

There are of course many potential risks on the road, including substance abuse and a host of electronic distractions. School bus drivers share these with motorists and truck drivers alike. Unlike cars or trucks, however, school buses generally do not have seat belts. That is a concern for many safety advocates.

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