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Drunk Driving During The Day: An Increasing Problem In NC

Oct 17, 2012 Brown Moore Car Accidents

Drunk driving is notoriously deadly. It is easy to assume, however, that impaired driving is mainly a threat at night and on holidays. After all, aren’t most people at work during the day or taking care of other daily chores?

That presumption is not really correct. New research from North Carolina shows that daytime drunk driving is on the rise. The risk of injuries and deaths caused by drunk drivers is always there on the road – not just in the evening or on holidays.

The Highway Safety Research Center at the University of North Carolina has been documenting the trend. The Center has observed a consistent increase in car crashes in Mecklenburg County during the daytime in which alcohol is involved. Such crashes have increased in each of the last three years.

Law enforcement officers have noticed the trend as well. “You got people without jobs instead of being at work during the day. They’re at home and then there’s depression. A lot of people combat that with alcohol,” said Jack Rose, a trooper with the North Carolina highway patrol.

Troopers point out that, in many ways, drunk drivers are more dangerous during the day, simply because there are more people and vehicles on streets and roads. The more people out and about, the greater chance that a drunk driver will run into someone.

The threat of a DUI arrest is not always enough to stop impaired drivers from getting behind the wheel. In addition to law enforcement, other steps, such as more use of designated drivers, need to be taken as well to prevent drunk driving accidents.

Source: “Daytime Drunk Driving On The Rise,” FoxCharlotte, Kirk Hawkins, 10-4-12

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