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Family may have cause to claim wrongful death in North Carolina

Aug 20, 2014 Brown Moore Wrongful Death

Though a party may not have been in a vehicle that was involved in an accident, there may be extenuating circumstances that could cause certain parties to be considered responsible for the event. If a fatal accident takes place due to an individual being under the influence, the individuals or businesses that provided the alcohol could potentially be held liable. In such a situation, the family of the victim may have cause to pursue a wrongful death claim.

The family of a North Carolina teen who was killed in a car accident may be considering their legal options. The situation reportedly took place when the teen left a wedding reception where he had allegedly been served alcohol. The teen drove from the party and was later involved in a crash, which resulted in his suffering fatal injuries.

As a result, an 18-year-old and both of his parents were recently taken into custody and charged with providing alcohol to minors. This factor could be considered one that contributed to the death of the teen. All three individuals taken into custody were released on $50,000 bonds, and they have a court date set for next month.

Though the individuals who were charged were not directly involved in the fatal car accident, they could potentially be found to have contributed to the event. Therefore, the parents of the victim may wish to assess the situation and determine whether they may have cause to file a wrongful death suit. Because the situation could be potentially complicated, they may wish to find out more about this method of seeking compensation in North Carolina to decide whether it is the right choice for their circumstances.

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