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Fatal North Carolina accident could lead to wrongful death claim

Aug 28, 2014 Brown Moore Wrongful Death

When vehicles are stopped on the side of the road due to car trouble or another emergency, it is important for passing vehicles to give the stopped vehicle a wide berth. If passing drivers do not move over, they could easily hit the stopped vehicle or individuals around the vehicle. In such an incident, fatal injuries could result, and the family of a victim could potentially file a wrongful death claim.

The family of a North Carolina tow truck driver may be looking into such options after a recent accident. It was reported that the tow truck driver was stopped on the side of a roadway loading a vehicle that had a blown tire. As she was attempting to load the vehicle, the 37-year-old female driver was hit by a passing semi-trailer.

The tow truck apparently had its flashing yellow lights on and the driver was wearing a reflective vest at the time of the accident. It was reported that the driver of the semi-truck did not move over to give the stopped vehicles room, and as a result, the tow truck driver was hit. She, unfortunately, suffered fatal injuries in the accident. At this time, charges against the semi-truck driver are pending.

Losing a loved one so suddenly can cause a family to experience much grief and anguish over the event. On top of their emotional hardships, funeral planning and expenses can add another burden that the family may have difficulty contending with. Because the accident resulted in the death of the North Carolina tow truck driver, her family may wish to consider filing a wrongful death claim. A successful claim could potentially allow the family to be awarded compensation for their loss, pain, and suffering, resulting in expenses and other allowable damages.

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